Data Management – Going the Extra Mile with Documentation

Recently a South African friend of mine’s house burned down in Cape Town and I was suddenly struck with a childhood fear of when Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz’s house got blown away and destruction set it. Data managed poorly is like a house-of-cards. No sooner you turn your back for one moment calamityContinue reading “Data Management – Going the Extra Mile with Documentation”

Experience Matters with James A. Whittaker

I paid particular attention to the intention at this event. I can’t say Microsoft doesn’t know how to make events that count. I want to believe that Microsoft is trying to authentically re-energize itself into something new. Too many services for developers don’t engage the common man. The impunity Microsoft gets from the masses, similar toContinue reading “Experience Matters with James A. Whittaker”

Microsoft Women Think Next 2012

The Microsoft Women Think Next event of 2012 was one of the most progressive Women’s conferences I’ve been to yet, most of all because of the appearance of  Sara Clemens, General Manager of  Strategy & Development, Entertainment & Devices. It wasn’t bizarre in the least to find Microsoft had improved their 3rd Women’s event this yearContinue reading “Microsoft Women Think Next 2012”

Women Think Next 2011 by Mor Getz

I think I’ll be MUCH kinder to this Microsoft Women Think Next 2011 event due to the simple fact that it was self reflection & proof that the Sunday event Think Next 2011 (the men’s event) was so bad; and I have to say I can’t help but wonder why they can’t see why womenContinue reading “Women Think Next 2011 by Mor Getz”

Think Next, Microsoft by Mor Getz

Admittedly I arrived at Microsoft Think Next 2011 sick. However, I wasn’t a grouch until after… Setup was outdoors, it was raining and they opened late. The food did not have any proteins in it. After 30 minutes a person of height 1.54m had nothing to see as it was overcrowded. The games on showContinue reading “Think Next, Microsoft by Mor Getz”

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