How To: Evaluate Technical Documentation Assets

When does management provide funding for documentation? Usually when it’s too late…

In today’s world, where converging intellect, knowledge and know-how let training and documentation coexist higher up in the Agile chain where largely big companies could only afford to before, the move to Static Generators from Dedicated tools is one factor, but the other factor which requires ongoing motivated tasking, is Financial.

Companies finally understand that their sales funnel will reach a rough end if they do not produce R&D documentation for the long-haul.

Historically, companies would ‘clean-up’ too late.

Failure to consider their entire Eco stem would let the product live for a short period before upgrading – whereas the customer would propose to have it available all the time – not a trifle when OEMs are concerned, for some.

The real challenge and impact of having useless documentation was providing a cover story for bad management choices.

Picking and choosing your battles is one way to evaluate what documents your company needs right now. But for a holistic view, the evaluation should be ongoing, comprehensive and deep.

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