Debunking the Fallacy that User Manuals Cannot be Good

Many have been the writer who on a regular basis hears the following uncanny expression being repeated over and over: “Nobody reads the manual anyhow”. In this article I will be bunking this fallacy. How? I’m a story-teller… Yesterday, on my way to Yoga in the morning, I bumped into a fellow South African, TechnicalContinue reading “Debunking the Fallacy that User Manuals Cannot be Good”

MegaComm: Focus on Repositioning & New Media

Overview I was going to wait till tomorrow to blog but the excitement is still in the air. Thanks to Paula Stern for putting this great Conference together. The facilities, food/coffee & organization was top-notch at Kfar Maccabia and despite MegaComm being a predominantly Technical Writing audience, the Conference focus had a leaning towards Marketing, PR, MediaContinue reading “MegaComm: Focus on Repositioning & New Media”

Survivor 5: How to Survive being a Writer

Survivor 5: How to Survive being a Writer – a featured article Using the Survivor Strategy Yesterday began the fifth season of Israel’s Survivor reality series. I took the liberty of reaching some conclusions formulated to compare ‘A Writers Career’: You’re in Paradise when -> Everything you need and more is available on the Island. ForgetContinue reading “Survivor 5: How to Survive being a Writer”

Brain-Storm Your Business EVENT! @ Mystic Rose, Namal Tel-Aviv

Hi There, PROWomen Meet is hosting a Brain-Storm event for Men & Women who want to get input from other professionals about questions they have regarding their business & to gain professional know-how from the participants about operative, creative, financial and marketing aspects of their business. Each person will get 2 minutes to present themselves.Continue reading “Brain-Storm Your Business EVENT! @ Mystic Rose, Namal Tel-Aviv”

My take on SphinnCon 2011 -> SEO or Linking, Is that the Same?

My day began with the usual parking scuffle, but eventually I got my first cup of coffee 5 min. to nine. Inbal Hotel was all decked out for the appreciative ‘late’ comers and the likes. Although most complained they couldn’t get a handle on Wi-Fi, I think since I was connected I probably was theContinue reading “My take on SphinnCon 2011 -> SEO or Linking, Is that the Same?”

So What Does a Technical Marketing Writer Do?

In today’s world so many dualities exist in the technologies field. People want to be heard, and companies want to promote their products. While companies insist on emphasizing certain qualities and values with which they uphold their Corporate Identity, it’s almost impossible to do without admitting the outside world into their system of values. SometimesContinue reading “So What Does a Technical Marketing Writer Do?”