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I’ve been a Technical Writer since 1999 during which time I’ve had enough time to survey the best and worst tools in the market. I have to say that I have enough experience to know that when writing a User’s Guide you don’t talk about tools, you talk about functions, however I still have to say that the better the function the better the tool, isn’t it so?

RoboHelp immediately sold itself because it is an Amazing Tool!

Over the years, the increasing functionality the multi-level use facilities and the ongoing maintenance, updates, new features and versions, have made it a number one seller.

It’s forthright aggregation of functions in specially modified ‘Pods’ is an incredible feat as I’ve never seen this customizable quality in any other product, done with such ease-of-use.

Why I Favorited this Product

As a Technical Writer, I often spend a lot of time on the Technologies for storing data in an appropriate manner. Fundamentally, the sheer size of files and their workability can make or break complete Teams of Writers. I hate to say it but sometimes no matter how good the Writing Manager, if his tools aren’t up to scratch or he moves to a platform his company doesn’t like, it can be a very unfortunate situation.

Folks, I’m not going to bore you with a lot of details. There are two Robohelp features that make RoboHelp # 1:

  • Content-Sensitive Help Authoring
  • Single-Sourcing

If you ask one of the sales people they probably will ask, ‘what about all the other functions and features we offer’? RoboHelp is second to none regarding its ability to Customize Multiple Outputs.

For a quick FREE RoboHelp Production Consult please send me your details with a description of the issues you are experiencing (in the fields below) and I will provide you with an overview of the solution options open to you.

See RoboHelp Training for more information.

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