Technical Writing Collateral Evaluations

When evaluating a company’s Collateral, the observations made due to the development processes can highlight some of the documentation challenges at hand, and can also save you 100% of the costs.

Exposure to prolonged, year-in year-out documentation releases and the sheer mass of data can often be the downfall of reaching the dead-line; however sometimes the company does not have the resources to get additional assistance.

An evaluation which is 100% Documentation-Based, can be as beneficial to the R&D as a System Engineer’s  due to the ability of the Technical Writer to reach the Technical Complexity of the delivery process via the documents themselves.

A wise man once said (spelling purposefully used ‘tongue-in-cheek’): ‘Silence is Golden’, however sometimes it is the Technical Writer who is the first Beta tester of the new features and ‘happens’ upon valuable data which can circumvent serious delays down the pipe-line.

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