Tweet Your Prayers @TheKotel, They Might Be Answered #TheWesternWall #in

The Western Wall – It’s only the most important religious symbol in the world -> Tweet your prayer for Rosh Hashana and someone will cut/roll and place it there for you

Tweetdeck Techniques for ‘Following’

Hello! This is a short article about the best techniques on Tweetdeck for ‘following’. Firstly you can follow anyone, a list, or a hashtag on Tweetdeck. If you didn’t know this: Click on a hashtag you want to follow and the stream appears on the furtherest right. Tweetdeck saves all the hashtags you followed soContinue reading “Tweetdeck Techniques for ‘Following’”

eMarcom Conference 2011

The e-Marcom Conference at the Megamot College in Azorim, Kiryat Ariye took place on 19 May, 2011. Much of the event was ‘packaged’ to produce hype for the site. Shlomit Hertz, CEO of Marcom-Mall gave a short introductory speech which reminded me of my early days as a Marcom: When everyone thought I was the Secretary,Continue reading “eMarcom Conference 2011”

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