Soluto Introduces New Dropbox Feature

I’m such a sucker for coffee and cake, when I saw the tweeting status from Roi Adler, “Who wants to come to Soluto for coffee and cake?” I had my foot out the door… I arrived early Sunday with the notion that I only heard and wrote about Soluto before. Here I was, standing inContinue reading “Soluto Introduces New Dropbox Feature”

How to Lauch Your Startup & Reach the Right Users

On Thursday night, just when I was about to slide into a comfortable couch potato pose, I went on Facebook and saw an event which I thought I wouldn’t be able to attend and then realised, I can’t afford not to at The HubTLV. The event was about Soluto‘s rise via their launch which againstContinue reading “How to Lauch Your Startup & Reach the Right Users”

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