AffiliGang 2011

I’m not good at pretending. This was a TOTALLY different experience albeit they tried to make it Tech.

People at this event actually labeled themselves as Buyers or Sellers at the Introductory “Traders Dating” session.

I arrived after that and tried to enquire if anyone knows where I arrived?

A nice guy told me most people were driving the traffic on the internet for the purpose of what he called “Shaping the Net”. Some Software Developers had created intricate software programs for driving traffic to targets or linking targets to high-traffic regions to steer traffic somewhere else, and more.

What I found fascinating about AffiliGang 2011 was the presence of Paypal while the other Sponsor got more ‘Air Time’. specializes in generating a marketplace for traffic Buyers & Sellers and is now marketing it to AffiliGangers.

I have to say I didn’t like the overall quality of greasy fingers there. Not one person has washed their hands in that troop in a long time.




100th Live Broadcast @Shidurey Hanisayon Online TV channel

The 100th Broadcast of Shidurey Hanisayon Online TV channel which is the first Israeli LIVE Broadcast channel by @Liorz and @Yosit took place last night (Sponsored by Samsung).

For those of you who are not yet in the know, these guys are funny. Using their Technology knowhow they both transmit an image of guys in the know, especially when it comes to Gadgets or anything like that…food, especially. I’ll talk about the food later: During the event Yosi and Lior demonstrated using Samsung Smart TV for Skype. The TV enables the user to implement a Remote Control to navigate to applications & launch them. In this way we were presented with a few potential investors who came Online to give their best wishes to the pair and to offer them a few million to keep going.

To the event came many friends and supporters, like Lior Manor, the Infotainer, who have over the years been to some of the events covered by Shidurey, and also some of the Brands (not) covered by Shidurey got more ‘exposure’ than they expected….(see video)…

These guys are kind of the Israeli version of slapstick. They’ve all got us believing in them because they pull it off so well!!

I abstained from the alcohol section throughout the evening (even though everything was on-the-house) and stuck to cranberry, tea & coffee. The food and company were funny & I came home feeling great.

I wish these two guys to continue in their amazing work and the highlight obviously of the event – The Giveaways – Samsung gadgets which were raffled and we aren’t sure whether it was rigged or not but it got pulled-off really well.

The Broadcast went off well, and was funny, the people were friendly – and I got to catch up.


About internet TV: For those of you who don’t know much about Internet TV, there are two forms of viewing Internet television: 1) streaming the content directly to a media player, or 2) downloading the program to the user’s computer.


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