Think Next, Microsoft by Mor Getz

Admittedly I arrived at Microsoft Think Next 2011 sick. However, I wasn’t a grouch until after… Setup was outdoors, it was raining and they opened late. The food did not have any proteins in it. After 30 minutes a person of height 1.54m had nothing to see as it was overcrowded. The games on showContinue reading “Think Next, Microsoft by Mor Getz”

Overview of New-Tech Exhibition 2011

General I signed up to the New-Tech Exhibition 2011  in order to interest new clients in my Technical Marketing Communication services. It took me about a week to realize that “The Israeli Start-up Conference” was one track in the Exhibition, which was essentially an electronic component exhibition. The other tracks included: Opto-tech, Components, Running show, PurchasingContinue reading “Overview of New-Tech Exhibition 2011”

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