LaunchRock – Sharing Distribution for Startups

LaunchRock is a startup that helps other startups um, launch. Having  just signed up a million people for its network of startups, one isn’t exactly sure if this is a sign of a bubble or a stroke of genius. In any case, founder Jameson “Startup Jesus” Detweiler is interesting. Also: Surprisingly not from LA. AlsoContinue reading “LaunchRock – Sharing Distribution for Startups”

Brain-Storm Your Business EVENT! @ Mystic Rose, Namal Tel-Aviv

Hi There, PROWomen Meet is hosting a Brain-Storm event for Men & Women who want to get input from other professionals about questions they have regarding their business & to gain professional know-how from the participants about operative, creative, financial and marketing aspects of their business. Each person will get 2 minutes to present themselves.Continue reading “Brain-Storm Your Business EVENT! @ Mystic Rose, Namal Tel-Aviv”

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