Writer? Freelance, Consultant, Sub-Contractor, In-House: All-of-the-Above

Repeatedly I see the confusion regarding Taxation, Social Security, Insurance and How to get Paid as a Writer in Israel. Tax Writers, there are stages you have to go to before you charge over 100,000 nis and need the Accountant every month. Did you know that? I was sharing with a friend who worked In-HouseContinue reading “Writer? Freelance, Consultant, Sub-Contractor, In-House: All-of-the-Above”

Working with Start-ups? TechDocs Tips for Consultants #Israel

When Startups or other Businesses approach you, here are a few things that can protect you from unethical use and insult without pay.

In-house or Independent? Analyzed through the eyes of ‘Survivor’ (IL)

This week, two episodes of Survivor reminded me of a mix between ‘A Woman Scorned’ and ‘Life as an Independent Contractor’. The story-line related the drama behind the Alpha male’s tactic to take the pretty lady (temporary) to the Island while leaving his woman (permanent)  in servitude, behind for the night. The consequences were seen immediatelyContinue reading “In-house or Independent? Analyzed through the eyes of ‘Survivor’ (IL)”

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