Data Management – Going the Extra Mile with Documentation

Recently a South African friend of mine’s house burned down in Cape Town and I was suddenly struck with a childhood fear of when Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz’s house got blown away and destruction set it. Data managed poorly is like a house-of-cards. No sooner you turn your back for one moment calamityContinue reading “Data Management – Going the Extra Mile with Documentation”

Bootcamp, Bootstrap, and giving the Boot

It’s been awhile since I wrote my own blog-post and what inspired me to do it was that I’ve been watching the business culture of companies over a period of time, and so I decided to write about it. Problem solving is often a task which goes into decline when we or our business areContinue reading “Bootcamp, Bootstrap, and giving the Boot”

Technical & Marcom Writing examples (available on request)

Brain-Storm Your Business EVENT! @ Mystic Rose, Namal Tel-Aviv

Hi There, PROWomen Meet is hosting a Brain-Storm event for Men & Women who want to get input from other professionals about questions they have regarding their business & to gain professional know-how from the participants about operative, creative, financial and marketing aspects of their business. Each person will get 2 minutes to present themselves.Continue reading “Brain-Storm Your Business EVENT! @ Mystic Rose, Namal Tel-Aviv”

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