YouTube Is Launching A Kid-Friendly Video App

YouTube will launch kid-friendly app on Monday for mobile.

LinkedIn Beats In Q4 With $643M In Revenue, EPS Of $0.61

LinkedIn profits on Employers seeking talent – $643 M revenue shares

Samsung is putting an incredibly fast, business card-sized Portable SSD in your pocket

Storage drive in your pocket


Samsung on Monday announced at CES 2015 a variety of new products including a new line of highly portable storage drives. The new Portable SSD T1 models will offer users access to plenty of storage on the go, in a stylish format.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from TechDocs Israel

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from TechDocs Israel
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from TechDocs Israel

Wakie, The Social Alarm Clock That Lets You Wake Up Strangers, Finally Arrives On iOS

This has to be the zaniest way to wake up with strangers…

Skype Co-Founder Backs Wire, A New Communications App Launching Today On iOS, Android And Mac

Reimagining of how a communications tool like Skype should operate

A User’s Guide To Disrupt London 2014

Disrupt London opens tomorrow! As always, TechCrunch has partnered with an amazing array of folks who promise to make your experience at the conference…

Goodbye MSN Messenger

An historic and sad event, just as the shutting down of Odigo was, now comes the turn of MSN Messenger. Goodbye!

Monetization Tool #1: Advertising

Advertisement, speculation, content management – “(the) a moment when a player is highly engaged with the game, so their attention is at a high point. It’s prime temporal real estate for an advertisement! ” But, are advertisements driving gamers away?

Grant's Games


I was at a Silicon Valley IGDA meeting last night, and the topic of advertising came up, and it’s been sitting on my mind. Let’s talk about it. TV lives on advertising. Websites live on advertising. Magazines and newspapers are full of advertising. Phone books are almost entirely advertising. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that it’s the most widespread method of content monetization in the world.

It’s much rarer in games. When you do see ads, they fall into two general categories: Ad banners and video ads. Ad banners don’t really make much money. People have been trained to ignore them from years of internet usage, and they rarely click through. 

Video ads pop up in plenty of mobile games, but the strange thing is, they only ever advertise other mobile games. Stranger still, they often advertise games that belong to competitors. That seems short-sighted, since you’re…

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Pre-Owned Kids Clothing Startup Percentil Raises €1M

Percentil’s current mission is to help families save money while buying and selling kids pre-used clothing, with a specific focus on high quality apparel.

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