To Publish or Not To Publish – That is the Question

Happy Passover 2016,

Your User Guides took long to write, due to development issues and the fact that your service people are on-site at the Customer.

Finally you have reached the promised land and the Guide is ready. So how are you publishing your Manuals?

All too often, the User Guide is sent directly to a customer who uses it as a prop for their keyboard, or worse.

The best case scenario is they come back a year later with requests. The worse case scenario is they call the service center and nobody knows why. Is the manual outdated or has the wrong information in it?

Publishing user documentation to the public is often undesirable to companies.

What can you do with your much needed documents?

  1. Use a Knowledge-base with Username & Password (eg Atlassian).
  2. Publish to the cloud with Username & Password (eg. Dropbox).
  3. Publish to your website with Username & Password.
  4. Publish to all of the above without Username & Password.

Make sure everyone knows where your Data is published using PR to your verticals & provide updates from time-to-time.

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Shana Tova Tichatevu 2015

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Happy New Year!

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