So What Does a Technical Marketing Writer Do?

In today’s world so many dualities exist in the technologies field.

People want to be heard, and companies want to promote their products.

While companies insist on emphasizing certain qualities and values with which they uphold their Corporate Identity, it’s almost impossible to do without admitting the outside world into their system of values.

Sometimes using traditional marketing, publicizing and advertising does not reach the audience, and do justice to the company. Systematic retries might eventually reach a broader customer-base depending on the marketing strategy. All in all it’s a little bit hit-and-miss.

What I’ve found, is that companies using a unified message in their line of technical specificity, with emphasis on visual design and layout can achieve a more holistic redefining of their Marketability, reaching across-the-board to corporate technicians of 3rd parties who then easily explain the benefits to their user-base as 3rd parties.

This is a far cry from the push-to-download simplified method of marketing iPhone apps seen today; most of whom will wait until a pocket of knowledge by word-of-mouth may reach breaking-point and then hit the $1M mark.

So how do the obstacles get bridged? We can’t fight word-of-mouth we can just work with it and revitalize the system where people tell other people using today’s methods: blogs, references, articles, and video guides, while integrating these with written internal information which Corporations should release on a regular basis to form a manageable Corporate Identity which is more than just Technical.

Aspects of Technical Writing that nobody knows or cares about

Most people I tell I’m a Technical Writer think it’s interesting, funny or weird.

I don’t really fit the profile – I’m a young, savvy, experienced professional & I’ve been in the field for +10 years.

When I tell them what I do for a living, most people think I’m a translator. They can’t really get the bigger picture of what Technical Writing entails.

  • Did you know?

Most Technical Writers not only write manuals, but write manuals while concurrently updating departments about what other departments are doing and help to keep a good BALANCE OF INFORMATION supply within a company.

  • Did you know?

Technical Writing duties often range from the merely banal, to CRM, data retention and training services while on-going work is taking place – as AN ADDED BENEFIT.

  • Did you know?

There are lots of fallacies about what Technical Writers do. Most people don’t know what challenges Technical Writing involves so they assume that the only task is at the computer, whereas most of the work is done while CROSS-REFERENCING BETWEEN MIGRATING VERSIONS, PEOPLE AND PRODUCTS.

  • Did you know?

As a rule, most Technical Writers know an average of over 50 software solutions and can implement them for your documentation?

  • Did you know?

When a Technical Writer says he’s working from home he’s probably producing more than if he was working in the office; He’ll probably finish the document sooner at home, but odds are against him if he’s running around from department to department.

  • Did you know?

Technical Writing as well as Social Media DO play a part in StartUp strategy and money raising efforts in the same way; both challenge the user to see what is really happening while covering up all the buggy stuff nobody wants to relate to (Huh? Yes I’m not joking).

  • Did you know?

The average Technical Writer has a considerably higher than average IQ in relation to the general population.

  • Did you know?

Most Technical documentation is written from the middle towards the introduction and the end (outwards)?

  • Did you know?

Not everyone can be a Technical Writer.

  • Did you know?

The average manual can take from a few days to a few months to write.

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