eMarcom Conference 2011

The e-Marcom Conference at the Megamot College in Azorim, Kiryat Ariye took place on 19 May, 2011.

Much of the event was ‘packaged’ to produce hype for the www.marcom-mall.co.il site. Shlomit Hertz, CEO of Marcom-Mall gave a short introductory speech which reminded me of my early days as a Marcom: When everyone thought I was the Secretary, but I was doing alot lot more.

The production began on time, but like so many other Conferences I attend, very soon we were running off-course; that and some changes actually made me miss the talk I came for. Pity!

The event was great, the people were great and here are some of the pearls that I reaped:

Lior Manor a world class magician and Infotainer gave alot of timely relief and relevant content throughout the day. His site may be found at http://www.liormanor.com/. I’ve known Manor for quite some time now, and he always delivers outstanding quality stuff.

Sharon Israel, CEO of Xtra-Mile, presented some of the milestones of Marcom Budgeting. She gave hands-on information about her experience on personal branding and marketing and some of the milestones to Marcom success, including how to measure the number of leads & meetings necessary to reach a sale. One of the case-studies given was the Survival School of Chanoch Budin, Israel ex-Survivor show finalist – which really impressed me, however when I did a search for Chanoch’s company it was hard to find.

Kobi Magnezi, Channel Manager, Matrix –  spoke about Mobile Presence and the Conversion Rate using, Choice, Consistency & Continuity. I was very much taken by Kobi’s talk and liked the new concepts I learned, re “Placeshifting” (zappaware), “MySkyStatus”, “Calldinator”, Doctor’s App, Chase App and other concepts which were wildly new and insighful. The idea of the mobile wallet and the destination of development in the financial field was especially important and his finale statement was: “Not all one-night-stands are for long term relationships – one needs a platform for long-term, and security over time.”

Gila Gideon is a recruitment specialist whom I met on LinkedIn, today she is CEO of Effectiva (no English site). Since I myself have been on LinkedIn since it’s inception it was a nice surprise to finally meet her, and since I have used the LinkedIn platform for advertisments for my business and my client’s businesses I was very happy to hear her talk about LinkedIn as a Tool for Interaction. I was just surprised her Facebook page didn’t come up on Google when I searched it.

Kate Shopper, from Social Media Manager, ECI went into the details of Increasing Engagement via Personalization; by this stage we all understood we need a landing page, this is her’s: http://www.kateshopper.com/

Oren Bason, CEO, All Media gave a historic drill-down of Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 stopping mainly on the Journalist’s position in today’s age and lingering on “Makam’s” platform for ‘Who is Saying What About You’?…Blog, Tweet etc

Unfortunetly, I didn’t get to see Ron Pick from Clickwise. Hope to bump into him next time without having to pay for a conference 🙁

All in All a good show. I want to thank everyone for putting it together. Next time please include lunch and some more breaks…

A note for speakers in general – I noticed in my searches that many of these speakers don’t appear to have done any SEO on their name. This appears unprofessional, but i guess it may be that it’s because they thought nobody would look for them in English?


Happy Passover 2011

חג פסח כשר ושמח

Happy and Kosher Pesach


שיהיה לנו חרות מכל מה שמגביל אותנו

May we have freedom from whatever is limiting us


מאחלת מור גץ

Mor Getz

What would you do in exchange for a Like? (Social Media)

I posted this previously with a toungue-in-cheek offer for more likes in exchange for something…tickets to a concert.

I like the idea of fans rushing to my page to click and like and then win something. Ben & Jerry’s pulled off a get a cone for free today, but hey is gauging where your business really worth the ‘indecent exposure’?

I tried my ‘gift offer’ for a few hours but basically I decided in investing in a tool that does all my SM aggregation & statistics instead.

Like my fan page on Technical Marketing Communications….

Women Think Next 2011 by Mor Getz

I think I’ll be MUCH kinder to this Microsoft Women Think Next 2011 event due to the simple fact that it was self reflection & proof that the Sunday event Think Next 2011 (the men’s event) was so bad; and I have to say I can’t help but wonder why they can’t see why women don’t come to the men’s event even though they claim to want to have women there.

The soft colors, the flowers, seating, cushions, tea & coffee created an ambiance, so that even when Microsoft started pitching their Bing Mobile, I wasn’t put off or annoyed. They went out of their way to ‘wait their turn’ this time before shoving in their oratory excellence and conditioning to ‘motivate’ (blah).

Added value was definitely given here. Some of the women’s issues too. As tactfully presented by one highly professional technology spokeswomen, perhaps next time instead of assuming the position that women leave the work-place at the height of their career, why not ask them in person why they left at the height of the career, that is to say, if you really want to know, that is…

It was a great event for Women Entrepreneurs and certainly speaks for itself in creating a source to look up to and content which is relevant.

I want to Thank Microsoft for having me and hope to attend this event again, next year.

This is a video of the event taked by Microsoft R&D: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/video/video.php?v=10150176069531327&oid=282281666473&comments

About Mor Getz: Mor Getz is a Technical Marketing Communicator in the Hi-Tech & Middle-Tech fields. For queries about coverage of events and exhibitions, newsletters, blogs and more, please enter your contact details in the box below.

Think Next, Microsoft by Mor Getz

Admittedly I arrived at Microsoft Think Next 2011 sick. However, I wasn’t a grouch until after…

Setup was outdoors, it was raining and they opened late. The food did not have any proteins in it.

After 30 minutes a person of height 1.54m had nothing to see as it was overcrowded.

The games on show had some special features on them, but the whole event couldn’t possibly be about Games, can it?

After doing a round in the exhibition, I parked off upstairs to check things out from on top. I overheard conversations about technologies and was happy to get a whiff of it from up there.

Eventually I went down to see who had arrived, but found I was on a soloist mission for coffee. There was none.

Eventually x2, I joined everyone at the event opening, seating myself near the back.The opening speech keynotes were about technologies I’d witnessed in 2010: The idea of the cloud, repeated (as I saw it at the Amazon event). Microsoft seems to have a solution for everything already done nowadays (what’s the added value?). Did you know Microsoft has their own version of Google Earth? I’d never quite been so cynical about Microsoft before (but am deciding to quit while the going is good). Yes, they are buying up startups. Yes, they showcase what’s going on. From my last entry I think the most amazing thing that Microsoft has purchased lately is an Israeli technology designed by PrimeSense which is the Kinect Obox.

I want to give these guys some credit – they are Microsoft after all – the problem is not the credit they deserve but the unbearable lightness of being which promotes, what? Technologies that reduce IT personnel & promise you a quick return on the ROI? I’m not sure I saw any ecological value, or promotion of desirable skills here.

Some of the Technologies I tested, which were not Microsoft did not work. That didn’t give me much hope that if they were Microsoft they would – simply from past experience.

One company which seemed to stand out because of its hardware nature is .Net Gadgeteer (Microsoft). Gadgeteer is a rapid prototyping platform for small electronic gadgets. It’s a quick and easy board design unit enabling programming, assembly of electronics and quick physical enclosure fabrication using computer-aided design. Again this type of technology takes the profession of board-design to the limit as you don’t need someone external designing for you, you can do it in-house.

Microsoft Women Think Next 2011 is happening tomorrow. Hope I’m in a better mood, but I’m sure there’ll be much more added value. That’s for sure.

Keep tuned.

Some other posts regarding this event:

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The Wadi: http://www.thewadi.com/ms-thinknext-2011-a-showcase-for-israeli-innovation/

About Mor Getz: Mor Getz is a Technical Marketing Communicator in the Hi-Tech & Middle-Tech fields. For queries about coverage of events and exhibitions, newsletters, blogs and more, please enter your contact details in the box below.

Overview of New-Tech Exhibition 2011


I signed up to the New-Tech Exhibition 2011  in order to interest new clients in my Technical Marketing Communication services. It took me about a week to realize that “The Israeli Start-up Conference” was one track in the Exhibition, which was essentially an electronic component exhibition. The other tracks included: Opto-tech, Components, Running show, Purchasing & Supply Chain Managers New-Tech Forum, Meditech, RF & Microwave Conference.

At the exhibition entrance I was instructed that I could win a car raffle. Good start.

Entrance was FREE!

The place was spotless and very well run.

The Israeli Start-up Conference

A mature adult audience of approximately 65% Startup founders, a couple of soldiers and 2 women at any given time, was the main populace at the Conference; definitely no Geeks at this event.

Starting time was 30 minutes late; and in true Israeli time everyone came late so there was a long line when the gates opened at 9:30am. The people who arrived at 11:00…well, that’s their problem but there was only standing room left in the speaking rooms.

Professor Daniel Weiss the Head Science Officer opened the Start Up event.

Michael Oren, IBM, Manager of GTU unit spoke about Cooperation with Innovators from the perspective of the Corporation – Mr. Oren spoke about IBM, their scale of business worldwide & in their perspective R&D campuses. He spoke about how business units work; finding the right business unit for you, competition with innovators might be the aim of one unit but not of another.

If you heard the GTU pitch in the past this was a slightly more global view-point, but the message is clear IBM is looking to fill in the ‘white-spaces’, as he put it. I think he likened working with IBM to the runner in the desert, who has no water, is tired and drained & then reaches an oasis. Have you experienced this?

Dr Barak Herschkovitz, CTO & VP of Solutions at Better Place, spoke about Moving to an Electric Motor Vehicle: From Dream to Realization. Creative, Innovative, Smart and many other descriptive references come to mind about the technology behind the company. Dr Herschkovitz reiterated the idea that there could be costs involved in the production of battery powered cars. However, switching a car battery would be no more time-consuming than taking a toilet break as you would have to do that anyway….Ultimately I think the battery would need to be recharged in longer than it takes me to take a leak. Yes, and that is getting into the ‘nitty gritty’, so to speak.

Dr Dalia Megido from 7Health Venture spoke about The Medical Startup: The Right Application, The Right Financial Strategy. This was a tough love session. Some of the topics Dr Megido spoke about include: What is a “large unmet medical need”? Critical points to consider regarding post marketing research requirements. Going the ‘easy’ route. Quality Measurements. Oligopoly. Thinking about from Startup to Sale & the Chances of the First Time Entrepreneur.

A lot of things Dr Megido said are good for non-medical Start-ups but nobody ever says it.

Ms. Gali Ross, CEO of Razoss spoke about Startups: The Egg, The Chicken & the Coop. In complete opposition to Dr Megido, Gali gave the crowd hope. She says, Startup Entrepreneurs should be a little proud, it doesn’t really matter what comes first, the team, the finance, the idea. In contrast to Dr. Megido she proposed that it doesn’t really matter how you shoot your goal. Some entrepreneurs have been known to use the Investment they got planning how to implement their idea, and then had to restart the process after 6 months by getting more investment, in a second Startup attempt (like herself, a second time entrepreneur).

Mr Yossi Cohen, CEO and Founder of Panaya, spoke about Is it necessary to move Management of Startups Overseas? Mr Cohen spoke about Market Proximity or Internal Communications and how his company has used external recruitment in an evolutionary manner to lower startup costs. The traveling salesperson model addresses a smaller market, is expensive and the needs of the company is better met using indirect sales (via videoconference, phone, skype etc) according to him.

Mr Adi Berenson, VP Marketing, at PrimeSense, spoke about Natural Interaction: Motivation for Radical Futurism. Mr Berenson spoke about realizing fantasies using technology such as Kinect Obox which is part of an Online epidemic transforming content in the living room.


All in all a good show for the Conference All Round, entertaining and educational, while at the same time promoting possibilities for new comers in the Startup arena. I want to thank Samtech for the lunchtime beers! Cheers!

About Mor Getz: Mor Getz is a Technical Marketing Communicator in the Hi-Tech & Middle-Tech fields. For queries about coverage of events and exhibitions, newsletters, blogs and more, please enter your contact details in the box below.

Copy Writing & Content Management for Your Business

User’s Guide Templates 3-in-1

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MegaComm: Focus on Repositioning & New Media


I was going to wait till tomorrow to blog but the excitement is still in the air. Thanks to Paula Stern for putting this great Conference together. The facilities, food/coffee & organization was top-notch at Kfar Maccabia and despite MegaComm being a predominantly Technical Writing audience, the Conference focus had a leaning towards Marketing, PR, Media and the likes making it interesting and user friendly.

I have taken the liberty to summarize Keynote speaker Jeff Pulver and Alan Weinkrantz talks early on in the day.

Jeff Pulver at #MegaComm

The highlight of the event was the Keynote speaker, Jeff Pulver (@jeffpulver), known for his work in Popularizing Voice on the Internet. Jeff is an inspiring speaker even for one who has heard him talk many times about the changes in personalization over the internet, and how it happened.

The channel for communication with the masses may have changed however they still require you to open yourself up to voluntary communication in order to be successful. Being vulnerable is allowing yourself to be successful.

Jeff inspires one especially when relating how the technology which came about was usually considered ‘dangerous’. Take email for instance, once companies had policies to limit who had email, but it took around 5 years to catch on, pretty much like Social Media today.

Whatever it is that breeds productivity, using Social Media as a Listening/Hearing and Connecting tool inspires one to something more meaningful. “Create friendships, find something to talk about, engage”. He says.

When Twitter followers came to and started sharing their stories,  serendipity, humanity and peoples voices started to matter!!

The birth of the backchannel, finding open frequencies to humanity…matter.

Jeff relates that during 911, despite emergency services available, the radio channels where on difference frequencies and couldn’t engage in communication. Since then these frequencies of communication have been homogenized.

During the Haiti crisis, Tweeting for cries of help were Repeated (RT) and it was “like magic amplifying what everyone was saying”. The US Airforce got involved as a result of Jeff retweeting Ann Curry (@anncurry) and replied to Jeff: “We’re on it”.

Over 75 industries are affected by the backchannel. Even the Dali Lami said his outlook towards humanity has improved as a result of seeing the outflow of assistance and human connection on Twitter.

Twitter is a backchannel to listen to what is being said and making opportunities for the job market. The world has gone flat since Facebook & Twitter. Disintermediation is real, meaning that disruption is positive. It’s not about We the people, but rather about Me the people. You have a voice that matters and you’ll discover you can change the world via amplification.

Jeff describes the times he has Tweeted requests for help and people in the street around the corner helped him to unload his boxes. Invites online via Twitter & people Tweeting in other peoples behalf enabled more connecting via these backchannels.

The message is clear: The Human Experience Matters.

Axxx Wxxxxxxx at #MegaComm

Strategic Public Relations > The Focus on Branded Content

Axxx Wxxxxxxx has been focusing on content around brands and sponsorships for some time now.

He says news traditionally comes from media but the barriers to reaching the media was traditionally via the PR firms. A lot can be demystified by doing it yourself. With his own video camcorder he creates his own content telling stories leveraging his position as PR Agent at companies.

So how is it done?

• Basic PR is still the same -> Message, Interesting News, Consistent Outreach…

• Using various types of coverage you can do both traditional pitching and New Media pitching, re pitching the stories via blogs or via YouTube and engaging with your audience

• Using common think strategy, reading certain publications and becoming a trusted source of information

• Following media sources or journalists on LinkedIn

• Being quoted in other places

• Using branded content and creating a body of work

Axxx’s Rules

• Have a great message

• Easy to download press room

• Focus on a few things

• Manage expectations

• Engage your management

• Show your humanity

Also, mash up external content.

Ramp up your noise level.

Be discovered. Be found.

Have faith in your product.

Stop Selling and start story-telling…

Survivor 5: How to Survive being a Writer

Survivor 5: How to Survive being a Writer – a featured article Using the Survivor Strategy

Yesterday began the fifth season of Israel’s Survivor reality series. I took the liberty of reaching some conclusions formulated to compare ‘A Writers Career’:

  1. You’re in Paradise when -> Everything you need and more is available on the Island.
  2. Forget competition when the going is good -> When it’s cold out – switch professions or sing.
  3. Management Skills -> Put your best foot forward by proposing to do the things you know.
  4. Nationality matters -> Where you comes from plays a role. American, British, French, Spanish etc…you gotta know how to cross your ‘T’s’ in the appropriate language.
  5. Gotta be Crazy -> If you don’t have a group to verify things with, it can be as lonely as arrival on a desert Island.
  6. Height/Weight/Strength matters -> Always take a sample with you to an interview. Looks alone shouldn’t drive peoples choices.
  7. Team Work -> Work for an incentive, but don’t expect a prize. If you don’t come up with the goods the winning team will get everything.
  8. Picking up Tree Stumps? -> Let’s stick to PDF 


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