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MegaComm: Focus on Repositioning & New Media


I was going to wait till tomorrow to blog but the excitement is still in the air. Thanks to Paula Stern for putting this great Conference together. The facilities, food/coffee & organization was top-notch at Kfar Maccabia and despite MegaComm being a predominantly Technical Writing audience, the Conference focus had a leaning towards Marketing, PR, Media and the likes making it interesting and user friendly.

I have taken the liberty to summarize Keynote speaker Jeff Pulver and Alan Weinkrantz talks early on in the day.

Jeff Pulver at #MegaComm

The highlight of the event was the Keynote speaker, Jeff Pulver (@jeffpulver), known for his work in Popularizing Voice on the Internet. Jeff is an inspiring speaker even for one who has heard him talk many times about the changes in personalization over the internet, and how it happened.

The channel for communication with the masses may have changed however they still require you to open yourself up to voluntary communication in order to be successful. Being vulnerable is allowing yourself to be successful.

Jeff inspires one especially when relating how the technology which came about was usually considered ‘dangerous’. Take email for instance, once companies had policies to limit who had email, but it took around 5 years to catch on, pretty much like Social Media today.

Whatever it is that breeds productivity, using Social Media as a Listening/Hearing and Connecting tool inspires one to something more meaningful. “Create friendships, find something to talk about, engage”. He says.

When Twitter followers came to and started sharing their stories,  serendipity, humanity and peoples voices started to matter!!

The birth of the backchannel, finding open frequencies to humanity…matter.

Jeff relates that during 911, despite emergency services available, the radio channels where on difference frequencies and couldn’t engage in communication. Since then these frequencies of communication have been homogenized.

During the Haiti crisis, Tweeting for cries of help were Repeated (RT) and it was “like magic amplifying what everyone was saying”. The US Airforce got involved as a result of Jeff retweeting Ann Curry (@anncurry) and replied to Jeff: “We’re on it”.

Over 75 industries are affected by the backchannel. Even the Dali Lami said his outlook towards humanity has improved as a result of seeing the outflow of assistance and human connection on Twitter.

Twitter is a backchannel to listen to what is being said and making opportunities for the job market. The world has gone flat since Facebook & Twitter. Disintermediation is real, meaning that disruption is positive. It’s not about We the people, but rather about Me the people. You have a voice that matters and you’ll discover you can change the world via amplification.

Jeff describes the times he has Tweeted requests for help and people in the street around the corner helped him to unload his boxes. Invites online via Twitter & people Tweeting in other peoples behalf enabled more connecting via these backchannels.

The message is clear: The Human Experience Matters.

Axxx Wxxxxxxx at #MegaComm

Strategic Public Relations > The Focus on Branded Content

Axxx Wxxxxxxx has been focusing on content around brands and sponsorships for some time now.

He says news traditionally comes from media but the barriers to reaching the media was traditionally via the PR firms. A lot can be demystified by doing it yourself. With his own video camcorder he creates his own content telling stories leveraging his position as PR Agent at companies.

So how is it done?

• Basic PR is still the same -> Message, Interesting News, Consistent Outreach…

• Using various types of coverage you can do both traditional pitching and New Media pitching, re pitching the stories via blogs or via YouTube and engaging with your audience

• Using common think strategy, reading certain publications and becoming a trusted source of information

• Following media sources or journalists on LinkedIn

• Being quoted in other places

• Using branded content and creating a body of work

Axxx’s Rules

• Have a great message

• Easy to download press room

• Focus on a few things

• Manage expectations

• Engage your management

• Show your humanity

Also, mash up external content.

Ramp up your noise level.

Be discovered. Be found.

Have faith in your product.

Stop Selling and start story-telling…

Survivor 5: How to Survive being a Writer

Survivor 5: How to Survive being a Writer – a featured article Using the Survivor Strategy

Yesterday began the fifth season of Israel’s Survivor reality series. I took the liberty of reaching some conclusions formulated to compare ‘A Writers Career’:

  1. You’re in Paradise when -> Everything you need and more is available on the Island.
  2. Forget competition when the going is good -> When it’s cold out – switch professions or sing.
  3. Management Skills -> Put your best foot forward by proposing to do the things you know.
  4. Nationality matters -> Where you comes from plays a role. American, British, French, Spanish etc…you gotta know how to cross your ‘T’s’ in the appropriate language.
  5. Gotta be Crazy -> If you don’t have a group to verify things with, it can be as lonely as arrival on a desert Island.
  6. Height/Weight/Strength matters -> Always take a sample with you to an interview. Looks alone shouldn’t drive peoples choices.
  7. Team Work -> Work for an incentive, but don’t expect a prize. If you don’t come up with the goods the winning team will get everything.
  8. Picking up Tree Stumps? -> Let’s stick to PDF 


Technical & Marcom Writing examples (available on request)

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Brain-Storm Your Business EVENT! @ Mystic Rose, Namal Tel-Aviv

Hi There,

PROWomen Meet is hosting a Brain-Storm event for Men & Women who want to get input from other professionals about questions they have regarding their business & to gain professional know-how from the participants about operative, creative, financial and marketing aspects of their business.

Each person will get 2 minutes to present themselves. The event will be a participant event with loads of mentors with business talent!

Event Details: Mystic Rose at Namal Tel-Aviv, Tuesday, 18th January 2011, 20:15.
Located opposite the Reiding parking bridge so all you have to do is cross the bridge. The building has got red highlighting on it. (Parking at Reiding is FREE & also next to the power station.)

The cost of the event is 50 nis, coffee & muffin are included.

To sign up and pay please go to the RSVP! page and add your details and how many people you are RSVPing for:

Mor Getz

Chairperson of PROWomen Meet

My take on SphinnCon 2011 -> SEO or Linking, Is that the Same?

My day began with the usual parking scuffle, but eventually I got my first cup of coffee 5 min. to nine. Inbal Hotel was all decked out for the appreciative ‘late’ comers and the likes.

Although most complained they couldn’t get a handle on Wi-Fi, I think since I was connected I probably was the only user Tweeting as the show began.

The line-up was packed, and I started my day with ‘Paid Search Tip’: Clue -> I came unprepared.
The most relevant data I got regarding Paid Search Tips was the location based searches integrated into the campaigns as of quite recently, according to the panel.
Truth be told, as a first-timer here I really needed some basic terms, and certainly felt empowered by at least one speaker on this panel. Dan Perach, ascertains that the Mobile click-to-call feature will be a block-buster once appended to keywords. I ran home to see if my Adword campaigns can do that… Does anybody know?

Another no-brainer which was way past the speakers ability to answer is why Murphy’s Law keeps working in such a way as to create higher CPC’s  for 2nd & 3rd ranks, rather than 1st rank Ads; a feature/a bug, or some cranked up Google method. Either way some people couldn’t explain it.

In Session 2 – ‘Online Reputation Management’: I had the honor of being addressed by, the ONLY Women speaker in the first 2 Sessions, Shira Abel, Director of Marketing, Aniboom, who addressed the subject of continued interaction with your audience -> even if they don’t particularly like you. LIKE!

Lunch was served (and a good lunch at that & Kosher); and I had the honor of sitting next to Paula Stern from WritePoint, who will be holding her own event shortly called, Megacomm. Paula’s experience and knowhow in the field is demonstrated by the fact that she has over 25 sites which she continually updates and manages for companies. In addition, I made some business collaborations and handed out some cards, made phone-calls, and got updated about some of my own running projects.

After lunch, I tried both sessions as having arrived late to ‘Analytics & Competitive Analysis’ I felt I had missed out on the beginning which would have given me a reference point to the subject matter, so I moved to ‘The Link Builders’ : Some important buzz words were learned here – Guest Posts, Relationship Building, FAQ’s, Providing regular Feedback, Measuring Contact Volume, and more. Also, Branko Rihtman (@neyne) from Whiteweb spoke about how to maybe get kicked off Google for doing explicitly ‘illegal’ activities…ah! Zzzzzz I say never put anything into the implementation stage before testing it on someone else 🙂

I made it out just before the Break, got a cup of tea and went home…
All-in-All a pretty good show!

Mor Getz ~ Business Venture Publications; Technical/Marketing Writer, Chairperson of PROWomen Meet;
Grinberg Method Practitioner specializing in manual Sports Rehabilitation treatments working with Sports Teams.

So What Does a Technical Marketing Writer Do?

In today’s world so many dualities exist in the technologies field.

People want to be heard, and companies want to promote their products.

While companies insist on emphasizing certain qualities and values with which they uphold their Corporate Identity, it’s almost impossible to do without admitting the outside world into their system of values.

Sometimes using traditional marketing, publicizing and advertising does not reach the audience, and do justice to the company. Systematic retries might eventually reach a broader customer-base depending on the marketing strategy. All in all it’s a little bit hit-and-miss.

What I’ve found, is that companies using a unified message in their line of technical specificity, with emphasis on visual design and layout can achieve a more holistic redefining of their Marketability, reaching across-the-board to corporate technicians of 3rd parties who then easily explain the benefits to their user-base as 3rd parties.

This is a far cry from the push-to-download simplified method of marketing iPhone apps seen today; most of whom will wait until a pocket of knowledge by word-of-mouth may reach breaking-point and then hit the $1M mark.

So how do the obstacles get bridged? We can’t fight word-of-mouth we can just work with it and revitalize the system where people tell other people using today’s methods: blogs, references, articles, and video guides, while integrating these with written internal information which Corporations should release on a regular basis to form a manageable Corporate Identity which is more than just Technical.

Aspects of Technical Writing that nobody knows or cares about

Most people I tell I’m a Technical Writer think it’s interesting, funny or weird.

I don’t really fit the profile – I’m a young, savvy, experienced professional & I’ve been in the field for +10 years.

When I tell them what I do for a living, most people think I’m a translator. They can’t really get the bigger picture of what Technical Writing entails.

  • Did you know?

Most Technical Writers not only write manuals, but write manuals while concurrently updating departments about what other departments are doing and help to keep a good BALANCE OF INFORMATION supply within a company.

  • Did you know?

Technical Writing duties often range from the merely banal, to CRM, data retention and training services while on-going work is taking place – as AN ADDED BENEFIT.

  • Did you know?

There are lots of fallacies about what Technical Writers do. Most people don’t know what challenges Technical Writing involves so they assume that the only task is at the computer, whereas most of the work is done while CROSS-REFERENCING BETWEEN MIGRATING VERSIONS, PEOPLE AND PRODUCTS.

  • Did you know?

As a rule, most Technical Writers know an average of over 50 software solutions and can implement them for your documentation?

  • Did you know?

When a Technical Writer says he’s working from home he’s probably producing more than if he was working in the office; He’ll probably finish the document sooner at home, but odds are against him if he’s running around from department to department.

  • Did you know?

Technical Writing as well as Social Media DO play a part in StartUp strategy and money raising efforts in the same way; both challenge the user to see what is really happening while covering up all the buggy stuff nobody wants to relate to (Huh? Yes I’m not joking).

  • Did you know?

The average Technical Writer has a considerably higher than average IQ in relation to the general population.

  • Did you know?

Most Technical documentation is written from the middle towards the introduction and the end (outwards)?

  • Did you know?

Not everyone can be a Technical Writer.

  • Did you know?

The average manual can take from a few days to a few months to write.

Questions & Input are Welcome!

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