Working with Start-ups? TechDocs Tips for Consultants #Israel

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Many Startups come to me and most of them want the service for FREE. Here are a few things that can protect you from unethical use and insult without pay. When being approached by a Startup ask for a Business Plan: Any Company that is not willing to have you view…

Bioassociate – Research-Based Strategic Consulting for Life Sciences Companies

Bioassociate – Research-based Strategic consulting for Life Sciences companies, Due Diligence, Business Analysis & Research for Investors, Biotech Consulting, Pharmaceutical Consulting, Industry & Technical Research Services, Israel Brain Technologies

Israeli President Shimon Peres Invites You to a Private Conversation

Ahead of the 4th Israeli Presidential Conference, Shimon Peres and Interlude Release New Social Media Product Offering People Around the World the Chance to Engage the President in Personal Conversation.   Jerusalem, Israel – June 17, 2012 – Ahead of the 4th Israeli Presidential Conference, “Facing Tomorrow”, set to begin this Tuesday, conference organizers announced today the launchContinue reading “Israeli President Shimon Peres Invites You to a Private Conversation”

Soluto Introduces New Dropbox Feature

I’m such a sucker for coffee and cake, when I saw the tweeting status from Roi Adler, “Who wants to come to Soluto for coffee and cake?” I had my foot out the door… I arrived early Sunday with the notion that I only heard and wrote about Soluto before. Here I was, standing inContinue reading “Soluto Introduces New Dropbox Feature”