How to Lauch Your Startup & Reach the Right Users

On Thursday night, just when I was about to slide into a comfortable couch potato pose, I went on Facebook and saw an event which I thought I wouldn’t be able to attend and then realised, I can’t afford not to at The HubTLV. The event was about Soluto‘s rise via their launch which againstContinue reading “How to Lauch Your Startup & Reach the Right Users”

LaunchRock – Sharing Distribution for Startups

LaunchRock is a startup that helps other startups um, launch. Having  just signed up a million people for its network of startups, one isn’t exactly sure if this is a sign of a bubble or a stroke of genius. In any case, founder Jameson “Startup Jesus” Detweiler is interesting. Also: Surprisingly not from LA. AlsoContinue reading “LaunchRock – Sharing Distribution for Startups”

Kardan Israel in negotiations regarding partial sale of Avis

  Amsterdam, June 29, 2011 – Kardan N.V. (“Kardan”), active in Real Estate, Water   Infrastructure and Financial Services in emerging markets announces that Kardan Israel   Ltd. (“KIL”) has entered into negotiations to sell to Hamizrach Holdings Ltd. (“Hamizrach”)   approximately 34% (the “Purchased Shares”) of its approximately 68% shareholding in Dan   VehicleContinue reading “Kardan Israel in negotiations regarding partial sale of Avis”

Tahal Kumawu Project in Ghana takes off

The large-scale commercial project which is underway will bring water relief to 26 settlements and communities in the area. Tahal’s waste water treatment, refinement and sanitation projects have been fundamental in creating the backbone of water supply to communities and regions around the world. About Tahal: Company profile  Innovations in Technology, Design and Construction TheContinue reading “Tahal Kumawu Project in Ghana takes off”

President’s Conference 2011 – New Media for A New Tomorrow

Arriving at the President’s Conference together with Governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer was impressive and symbolized for me the start of a very good conference. The conference had a cool ambiance throughout and was thoroughly well organized, in the President’s stately fashion. As blogger, I was given priority and treated with greatContinue reading “President’s Conference 2011 – New Media for A New Tomorrow”

MoMoTLV celebrating 3rd anniversary with BlackBerry!

Last night, the evening before the Israel Mobile Summit (#ims2011), a really great event was organized by the MoMoTLV people, featuring BlackBerry. Amongst the organizers were Jasmine Aharon & Lior Yekoutieli whom I know from past events. I came with one question in mind, “What is the Blackberry Tablet?” & all I wanted to know was, doesContinue reading “MoMoTLV celebrating 3rd anniversary with BlackBerry!”

eMarcom Conference 2011

The e-Marcom Conference at the Megamot College in Azorim, Kiryat Ariye took place on 19 May, 2011. Much of the event was ‘packaged’ to produce hype for the site. Shlomit Hertz, CEO of Marcom-Mall gave a short introductory speech which reminded me of my early days as a Marcom: When everyone thought I was the Secretary,Continue reading “eMarcom Conference 2011”

Women Think Next 2011 by Mor Getz

I think I’ll be MUCH kinder to this Microsoft Women Think Next 2011 event due to the simple fact that it was self reflection & proof that the Sunday event Think Next 2011 (the men’s event) was so bad; and I have to say I can’t help but wonder why they can’t see why womenContinue reading “Women Think Next 2011 by Mor Getz”

Think Next, Microsoft by Mor Getz

Admittedly I arrived at Microsoft Think Next 2011 sick. However, I wasn’t a grouch until after… Setup was outdoors, it was raining and they opened late. The food did not have any proteins in it. After 30 minutes a person of height 1.54m had nothing to see as it was overcrowded. The games on showContinue reading “Think Next, Microsoft by Mor Getz”

Overview of New-Tech Exhibition 2011

General I signed up to the New-Tech Exhibition 2011  in order to interest new clients in my Technical Marketing Communication services. It took me about a week to realize that “The Israeli Start-up Conference” was one track in the Exhibition, which was essentially an electronic component exhibition. The other tracks included: Opto-tech, Components, Running show, PurchasingContinue reading “Overview of New-Tech Exhibition 2011”

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