What is our process?

  • Meet with us and discuss your company mission and documentation needs.
  • We provide you with background knowledge of the procedure your documentation requires in order to manifest into a Final product.
  • We align your documentation needs with a suitable package which includes a professional template and product packaging.
  • Once we begin working, our process involves ongoing cooperation & coordination right through from Draft 1 all-the-way to FINAL.

Process Summary


How are documents managed?

  • Documentation is managed using version control or share-point while the project is ongoing.
  • After handover the client either stores the documentation on his site or uploads it to the cloud.

Who does the writing?

  • We provide a writer or team of writers according to how you want to formulate your documentation needs.
  • Requirements of our writers are:
    1) A high level of professionalism in many Industries;
    2) Technical/Technology Knowledge;
    3) Experience

How long does it take?

Documentation which is written from scratch is provided in Drafts and usually requires one-on-one’s or a Zoom with the SME. Determining the time-factor is dependent on many factors some of which require planning; for example for Installations which are not easy to take screenshots for.

What else do we do?


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