Pesach Edition: No Pain No Gain

What are your documentation pain-points?

How do you deliver an intermittent staging environment of your product through documentation?

And to what effect?

You, your subsidiary companies, their startups and your VC all want comparative documentation reflective of the current product version.

So, say your last documented version is lagging by a year but your funding round is now… do you have the skills, know-how and penetration power to cut through the chase and deliver documentation that sells the current (or future) cycle your company is in?

I often wonder how companies that try to ‘catch-up’ in 5 days succeed. Yes, it is likely that if you patch up various external processes for fast delivery you’ll get away with it – however, for far reaching drill-down and process management you need a documentarian with fire power to coordinate your company’s skill-sets and professionals to go for the gold.

In previous articles I touched upon some of the evaluation processes involved. I believe that what delivery is definitely a part of the overall pain-points of companies and especially when they want turn-around on their ROI.

To deliver a documentation set successfully, you need more than data analytics, you need the impactful insight of at least a generations worth of punch, in the form of issue tracking software (suggestion), such as Atlassian (Jira), Capterra, Monday, Trello, Asana, Pivotal Tracker, Basecamp, Bugzilla, Azure DevOps, GitHub Issues, and others, to oversee and implement procedures that are meaningful and make your product investment worthy – also relevant for OEM and Manufacturing Continuity.

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