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The Power of Drill-Down

This Newsletter is about drilling-down through layers of data put together by a myriad of technologies to help find solutions to defeat the COVID-19 virus and LET MY PEOPLE GO this PASSOVER 2020 ~


In Passover 2020, people have the technology at home and in the office, to Zoom each other. Someone may always be watching over you though, like big-brother, with the power to use all your ever logged social-media, texts and more, creating A Covid-19 Alert blanket for Government Agencies throughout the World.


The Technology around which NSO delivers its product package has been around for a number of years already. The Analysis of your data, be it Social Media, WhatsApp, and GPS location services and applications enables NSO and companies like it to Find – Drill-down – Map & Repeat to gain perspective of YOUR whereabouts and to lockdown the Covid-19 carriers in your communities.

Your cellular phone could be working to your detriment. Your cellular phone can triangulate your data via GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi, in any locale, and can identify your exact whereabouts, ie even on which floor you are, so that if you are in the same building as a Corona patient, but not on the same floor, you may not have to go into quarantine.

By drilling-down to your details, bank account, GPS and inventory lists, businesses or neighborhoods could be watched using analytics, and BI, to eventually formulate a mathematical blueprint which would impede your community’s movements: We’re no longer in the wild.


NSO has competitors in the Open Source technology world. On the 27 March, 2020, an article about How open source software is fighting COVID-19 was published in which thousands of open source repositories that mention datasets written in JavaScript and Python, while at the same time discussing several open hardware makers helping to stop the suffering caused by coronavirus, which is a totally different angle than the NSO Group offering.

Another mention goes to Intellexa, who provide Pandemic Solutions for law enforcement and intelligence agencies with a comprehensive portfolio of premium best of breed intelligence solutions.

Amidst the various technological proposals to fight Corona Virus for Government Agencies and Law Enforcement, is the good old classical Phone Monitoring technology solution. The Surveillance Industry Index toolkit provides thousands of company details – some Governmental, for Phone Monitoring solutions.

As early as 26 June, 2019, Fast Company wrote an article about the Dozens of spyware firms that offer a range of surveillance options, called: “Inside the shadowy world of spyware makers that target activists and dissidents”.

There is no way around it: ““Of course, your iPhone can be strong as you want security-wise, but if the mobile network leaks information, that’s outside the control of the phone and Apple. Companies like Circles are very actively promoting that they can track the location of a phone through SS7.”

This once ‘growing and controversial industry’, with the significant twist of COVID-19, has taken on an institutionalized flavor, the legality of which has not yet been fully explored.

CORONA TECHNOLOGY – Improving Business through Tech

Yesterday, 9 April, 2020, IsraelDefense published the release of the newly developed Wix site, CoronaTech Israel, which is destined to publish and connect Startups in the studies and findings of the COVID-19 virus, while acting as a one-stop-shop for all the Israeli and International knowledge in one place (hopefully).

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Newsletter April 2020

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