HLS & Cyber 2018 – Day 1


Today, I was honored to be part of an exceptional Convention, the HLS & Cyber 2018 convention, organized by the Israel Export Institute. There is so much to say about what they are doing, alone, however, I must give a good word firstly to the coffee. A little bird told me that the best coffee in the place was the coffee made at Q Cyber Technologies, where the Ripples coffee maker made digital drawings on the cappuccino. Great coffee, makes a good conference!

Making the rounds I met many very interesting technologies, including a couple of face recognition platforms, that don’t leave many people ‘incognito’. All the companies at the conference had well attended booths, including, BriefCam, AnyVision, Aeronautics Group, Checkpoint, and G1.

The sponsors included some traditionally military backed technologies such as IAI, MER Group, Elbit Systems and Rafael, which had a predominantly large numbers of male attendees at their booths.

Lt. Gen. (res.) Shaul Mofaz

I was happy to attend the opening video presentation of a seriously feature-rich Home Land Security contingency plan for an HLS & Cyber attack that included impressive strategic and defensive maneuvering of resources in real-time.

After the opening remarks given by Sharon Kidon, Lt. Gen. (res.) Shaul Mofaz, Former Minister of Defense, Former Chief of Staff, Israel Defense Forces, took the stage and gave the technological perspective of Israel Cyber Defense reality in today’s day. It was an endearing beginning, however there were still so many companies to meet and people to speak to, after MK. Eli Cohen, Minister of Economy and Industry of Israel began speaking, I went out to the convention hall again to meet new Startups.

After the 10:00 o’clock break, I spoke to the Israel Export Institute representative of the new initiative called “Identify Top Targets With DiscoverOrg” introducing overseas interest with Israel’s Cyber Technology offerings. The new ‘Scoop’ option enabling specific line by line information, or the full database of 500 lines search-option for $12,000. Of course, you can come in to the Israel Export Institute and view the details for FREE; downloading reduces the number of credits bought. The ‘Report Link’ feature enables you to buy data from reliable sources as PDF files, while ‘Statista’ enables you to subscribe to an Infograph which can be downloaded and put into use on PPT presentations, and the likes.

Identify Top Targets with DiscoverOrg

I must say, that above and beyond the stunning conference they produced, The Israel Export Institute also starred in the PRESS room, where the international press were waiting for Mr Adiv Baruch, the CEO of the Israel Export Institute to give them a speech. The countries attending were Greece, Costa Rica, South Korea, Israel, Latin America, Panama, and Italy.

After an initial welcome to the HLS & Cyber conference, Mr Baruch, explained that when you come to this conference it is in the context of understanding the past and seeing the future. The Biblical Jewish roots of 4000 years play a part in the Technology which is in every aspect of our lives.

Why Hi-Tech and Low-Tech is the future of creativity is a mindset due to Israel not having any natural resources except the intellectual brain. As a small country with the highest percent of Nobel prize winners – we are so open, and welcome every country around the world with “the most beautiful house in the worst neighborhood”.

The inception of technology in Israel, was as a military solution for civilians; creating advantage, if not in size, in the numbers of tech and cyber companies, who identify threats, and intercept attackers.

We all want to be connected, and billions of sensors are accessing data at massive cost – medical devices, remote surgery, medical records, bank accounts, all are under threat – it’s only a matter of resources as to how long it will take for them to be exposed.

Some numbers given by Mr Baruch:

  • $100 billion dollars export in Israel
  • 10% is export due to HLS and Cyber
  • Over 1000 companies developing HLS & Cyber solutions
  • $10 billion  dollars exported and growing exponentially
  • $380 billion dollars expenditure
  • 2.43 trillion dollars damage due to Cyber attacks

Mr Baruch concluded with the following statement: “We are expecting to see tremendous growth of expenditure in the Cyber space.”

About Germany:

HLS is US terminology. In Europe, the Europeans only lately realized that terror is not only an Israeli problem. Joint research programs on biological, medical, telecommunication, and cyber threats have developed. There are much more opportunities than before to share our unfortunate experience, here in Israel.

About Italy:

Many more delegations are exposed to the solutions in Italy and have gained acceptance and respect regarding the adoption of financial and healthcare, Big Data, personalized information and security.

About Greece:

The numbers are still at a minimum, but relatively growing. Greece is just overcoming the economic crisis, they’re getting there…

A diplomatic honeymoon is taking place, Greece has tripled all commerce with Israel, the banking system in Israel was originated in Greece. It is easy to understand each other due to us being similar cultures. The Oil Embargo is no longer relevant, and the relationship is as neighbors.

About Tokyo:

Olympic Games – Tokyo – 2020

How should we prepare for Cyber attacks? What kind of cooperation is Israel ready to provide?

The design and development of the Olympic Games in Tokyo has already been implemented – in the Beijing Olympics Israel implemented all the Technology threat and dynamic.

Every month 11,000,000 new malware threats are created. Whenever there is a concentration of people – a large mass – the cyber threat (as warfare) exists with so many visitors. That is a huge target to attack / overcome with transactions on ATM’s and electronic data. Besides this, an intense amount of air-traffic, and airplanes presides in one location at one time. How do you react when crisis occurs?

We’ll leave that up to the big boys to discuss during Day 2.


Satellite Events at HLS & Cyber 2018

Hope to take part in this event again next year.










Other companies I saw also appeared in the conference prospectus, such as:

Cognigo, Promisec, empow, Controp, CymbioT, RoadMetric, Qognify, MS Tech Ltd., and Xsight Systems, Septier Communications, Cortico, Axon, Vision, NowForce and Airobotics.

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