3 Co-Working Spaces in 3 Days (Israel) – AYEKA, WeWork, Regus Atrium

I started out my 3 day expedition after numerous cancellations on my part to see additional working spaces. I had a clear schedule but it quickly filled up and I had to reorganize. In so doing, I realized I need a space close to home, in walking distance from my house. I’m familiar with Regus and had visited their Aba Hillel Silver office a number of years ago.

I dreamed one night of The Atrium, on Jabotinsky, and what popped up for me when I Googled it was Regus Atrium. What an idea! To me that was killing two birds with one stone. I got a phone-call from Barcelona following my online form registration.

Regus that International flavor of elegance & old-money, a little unspontaneous but the luxury makes up for it. At any rate, with the International crowd, Regus is the original and takes precedence to the WeWork attitude of ‘live for the moment’.

Regus says ‘live a little’ – I argue that for the pittance of a Google AdWords first line rental you can get the full Monty. Let’s call it the 5K package. It includes the fantastic office space for a single or for a company, and includes the virtual office package to the few times a month people too.

The place is imbued with decorum, and a work-ethic second to none. Take note that your company name is displayed on the board together with full-timers once you are on-board. This is a real-time perk which none of the competitors offer.

In this day and age, it’s very difficult to get a cup of coffee as exquisite as I was served at Regus, on my visit. But, this was second to the one-on-one detailed listener I met in Hadar, the Regus Area Manager, and spokesperson. I was very impressed with her and felt I’d finally met someone who agrees with me, even though I usually have all kinds of ‘new’ ideas.

All the way down the corridor, at the opposite entrance is a very well-known company, called Polycom, now sitting there after many reincarnations.

The following day, I had a Founders Factory event. The fact that it was at WeWork, Ibn Gvirol, was once again killing two birds with one stone.

Parking was not a problem. I found my way into Dobnov 7 WeWork space by following two men who’d opened the door. The fact is that it was the wrong one, but I still had a squiz around and noticed that there was a hostess at the door explaining about the place. It was well decorated, had various levels and on the roof there was very loud speaker volume happening for a conference in a caregiving field, which I heard once outside the building.

I made my way a few steps around the corner to the Ibn Gvirol WeWork space. At the front-desk was a security woman who had not a clue about WeWork, and I was ushered in on a list of attendees to the upstairs bar area by a hostess where I got a feel for the place and the networking potential (albeit not for the work potential).

I distinctly remember arriving later than I had planned and there was nothing extraordinary about the meetup except the space, as I’d never been there. Still, would rather not have had to pay for parking.

In both Regus and WeWork really the pictures taken are seriously undermining the beauty of the place. I think someone that wants to actually work though needs to think more about the position of their office, how quiet it is, and more, than if there’s a networking event. Yes, networking events are fun. I’m still considering which office is suited to a time sensitive writing job.

It’s true I’ve been noting things quite generally and would consider that following factors when renting a virtual office:

  • Virtual assistance requirement
  • Position of office
  • Working hours
  • Event schedule
  • Lifestyle options
  • Parking

AYEKA, isn’t that ‘right here right now’? Then why do they still have ‘Coming soon…’ on the building. I’ve been informed that AYEKA, is ‘where are you’?

At any rate, after trying to figure out the name of the working-space, I was invited for an event & after registration got authorization to come even though I didn’t do my homework. When I arrived I was ‘picked out’ at the door – dammit (#fail). Luckily eventually I realized I know people there, but otherwise completely Jaffa, I’d have to say Jaffa really has it all.

I liked AYEKA’s large, industrial, bright office space. Very cushy without going overboard. I did not see the gym though and wondered if that’s just a selling point, bringing me to the next question; what is AYEKA’s outlook from the point of view that of the three Co-Working spaces it is the only one without additional branches….mmm can this work? Also, Jaffa is lovely but I hear of more and more people running into work nowadays from the outskirts of the Tel-Aviv sprawl – Which working space is the fairest of them all?

AYEKA, it has a flavor. GeekTime sit there. Is that by the way or innovation? Does GeekTime have the clout to buy AYEKA? I can’t help ask these questions…it’s in my nature.

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