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Recently a South African friend of mine’s house burned down in Cape Town and I was suddenly struck with a childhood fear of when Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz’s house got blown away and destruction set it. Data managed poorly is like a house-of-cards. No sooner you turn your back for one moment calamity sets in in the form of data loss, data theft, cyber theft, which can boil down to millions of dollars in losses.

Data and Resources

SharePoint, Documentation, OCR, Storage and Rogue User what do all of these have in common? At the 6th Data Management and Documentation Congress of 2013, innovative trends in data accessibility, transparency and customer service and going THE EXTRA MILE were the topics of the day. Going beyond sales pitches and getting the message across, supplementary but valuable information about new developments and features or systems were shared and expressed including innovations in software packages and updates of tools in use. Data Management Portals, tools for managing portals with built-in templates and Customer Service Platform Portals and Workflow Management Tools were all part of the innovations shared at the conference, while leading trends were discussed in depth from many points of view.

Microsoft Sharepoint

How effective is it to develop SharePoint platforms today? 12 years ago, back when I started using Microsoft SharePoint it was open-source. The supposition that it has a back-bone because it is Microsoft and people already use it doesn’t effectively get it more users who already have it installed. This point has clearly been lost on the companies who continue to develop it beyond the fact that all the features already exist.

The best implementation of SharePoint that I have used is actually the in-house development done by an aerospace company because of lack of funds; in which case if you are think of buying something please note that Sharepoint today has already got alerts if you buy it off-the-shelf.

Companies developing Sharepoint some of which are mentioned below:

Bynet, Elad – But are their solutions the same?

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The Documentation Path

  1. The CEO of, Yaakov Cohen raises the awareness of cross-platform mobility (BYOD) with his company’s product which allows for secure documentation across mobile platforms and users.
  2. Solutions Architect, Itamar Abrahamovitz at Bynet presented the Management and Signatures Procedures of Digital Documents using Workflow Nintex and ARX.
  3. A new player in the field, ShareDocs5 – Just Share IT – was launched by Mr. Neil Cohen Ringel, Presale and Sales Manager at the Elad software group.
  4. In the OCR field, ABBYY Fine Reader for OCR Hebrew compatability software, Converts, Generates and Reads accomplishing more than previous softwares have managed to do, according to Haim Ron, CEO of Maagarey Tochna.
  5. Additional projects such as Etan Community Project of the Israel Electric Cooperative were presented, by Ms. Sarit Margel, Strategic Project Manager at Etan.

About Digital and Creative – Going The Extra Mile

Frederik Belsen engaged the audience with some memorable moments in digital strategy where companies, such as Starbucks and KLM decided to break ‘the usual tone’ of extravegance and give something really meaningful to their customer base. One such experience of going the extra mile is described when a boutique hotel in Australia deliberately sets out to implement a ‘game changer’ – the extra night – post checkout – which is free, and every night after that, for as long as nobody else has booked the room…..

Summary of Going the Extra Mile according to Frederik:

1) Identify the little moments (what experience made it unforgettable).

2) Be useful (give real service people love).

3) Connect (communicate in a non-technical way).


To Program Summary (In Hebrew)

To links to presentations of the 2012 conference


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