Experience Matters with James A. Whittaker

I paid particular attention to the intention at this event. I can’t say Microsoft doesn’t know how to make events that count.

I want to believe that Microsoft is trying to authentically re-energize itself into something new. Too many services for developers don’t engage the common man.

The impunity Microsoft gets from the masses, similar to Google, in fact, is due to them always promising a better world – an almost idealistic notion in today’s world of chemical weapons, arab springs and the likes. It is therefore with intention that I say a big thanks to James A. Whittaker for taking the time to come to Israel to speak with us about The Future.

An idealist once promoting the 60’s, like Lenon, has never been stoned.

How would a Distinguished Technical Evangalist make his way in the Tech World if not by being exceedingly good at telling the masses, hey, we don’t DO advertising, someone else does, we just provide you with KNOWLEDGE and serve it to you in MICROSOFT Desktop Applications, such as OUTLOOK.

Listen this guy does a good job, and I liked his future. But then again, I prefer not having my scheduler train me to take Commercial Holidays, I prefer Great Yoga Gettaways (in Hardcopy). I told you I wasn’t going to be easy.

Some concerns about the idea that the government, the municipality or some other non-social activity would take place to bring the data down to the common man were raised…by this stage Microsoft, I was getting tired.


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