After Bootstrapping, Data-Mining Specialist Ondore Closes Million-Dollar Round For Mexican, US Operations


Editor’s note: Maria Rocio Paniagua currently works as a project manager at Innku, one of the top mobile and web workshops in Mexico. Follow her on Twitter.

Ondore, the leading Latin American big data analysis company that develops online reputation management systems, has closed its first investment round for $1.5 million dollars with Alta Ventures. The company says it will use the capital round to expand sales and marketing efforts in Latin America, as well as Spanish-speaking U.S.

Ondore’s reputation management systems work via data mining: The information obtained is processed, interpreted and sorted automatically. They have different products that target different pains in the market. Scout helps businesses understand and benefit from social media, providing them with deep insights into the conversations that are taking place on the web and interpreting things like sentiment, source and influence. They have also built an API that allows…

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