Throughout history, people have always yearned for some degree of privacy, and there have always been others who wanted to keep an eye on them. With modern technology, … tracking people is easier than ever.

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Can you be identified only by where you take your phone? Yes, according to a new study, which finds it’s not very hard at all.

While most of us are free to go wherever we want, our daily and weekly movement patterns are pretty predictable. We go to work, to school, to church, to our neighborhood gym, grocery store or coffee shop, and we come home — all quietly tracked by the GPS in our phone.

And with nothing more than this anonymous location data, someone who wanted to badly enough could easily figure out who you are by tracking your smartphone. Patterns of our movements, when traced on a map, create something akin to a fingerprint that is unique to every person.

Those are the findings of a report by researchers from MIT and elsewhere, published this week in the journal Scientific Reports.

They say that, throughout history, people…

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