Amiado is Great on Customer Facing Support!

I spent a long time creating my event on Amiado a few months ago and even entered into mutual cooperation with them and spoke with their representatives as I was having a few issues.

Amiado is Great on Customer Facing Support!

Eventually I did not do the event, but am interested to gauge other people’s experience with Amiado.

Please write and share!

Further to this, Amiado just sent me their new features and I am interested in finding out from users who have used or will use Amiado if this is an essential feature set.

Please write to me and advise re new features!

The new features include:

1. Quicker Event Creation Process
Amiado have shortened and optimized the event creation form for you, allowing you to create events even more efficiently. >> View new form

2. Switching between Ticket Sale and Registration Form
You no longer need to decide what type of event you want to offer.

It is now possible to switch between a ticket sale and a registration form in Draft Mode. You can then decide which is best suited to your event. You will find the new function in the menu bar under “Switch to ticket sale” or“ Switch to registration form”.

3. Pre-registration for Participants
This brand-new function allows you to carry out pre-registrations for your event. As the event organizer, you can decide who is allowed to participate in your event.

You can also use this function when your event locations have been sold or booked up. This way you can make note of participants in case a place becomes available. You will find this new function in the menu bar under “Pre-registration”.

Please feel free to contact Amiado if you have any questions or suggestions:

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