Working with Start-ups? TechDocs Tips for Consultants #Israel

Many Startups come to me and most of them want the service for FREE.

Here are a few things that can protect you from unethical use and insult without pay.

  1. When being approached by a Startup ask for a Business Plan: Any Company that is not willing to have you view their Business Plan is not really looking for business, i.e. they could be snooping for information and taking up your time.
  2. Before starting the job, get a Purchase Order: You may not have them contractually signed up yet, but a Purchase Order secures the payment.
  3. Ask for a Startup Fee: You’d better take something prior to commencement of the project: Some companies don’t really understand the concept of Payment Terms.
  4. To succeed, give your price up front and say ‘this is prior to reduction’: Some companies and especially in Israel do not close a deal until they see the Reduced Rate.
  5. Combine Relationship skills with Business skills to close the deal: Don’t be shy to ask people you know for referrals. Referrals are usually more secure and financially viable, i.e. you won’t have to take any clothing off to close the deal.


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