Content Provisioning System – Did You Know?

The word Sovereignty, in Hebrew, is Ribonut.

In Hebrew it is used a lot. We want to include the notion of Sovereignty in all news and Social Media articles about Israel. This word isn’t used enough.

Israel isn’t just a country, Israel is a Kingdom.

Prophets and Sages came from Israel because God put them in Israel.

In the last 64 years Israel became a Nation, not just a Kingdom; Israel has influence over it’s population using Laws and Legislation.

The Knesset consists of 120 members.

Israel provides Services to the General Population including Ethiopians, Arabs & Refugees.

Our Message is: If you didn’t know this – we’d like to inform you. Please give us a chance to show you what a wonderful place Israel is, Our Home.

When using this Pitch what we Project Is…

We Do not use something akin to War tactics. Shaka Zulu was a worrier; Israelis are not. Over the years it has become that way, but that is not something we want to project.

Re Turkey & Any Other Super Power which we deal with:
We want to project that we are a small fishing boat; we don’t have many advantages of attack except Surprise.

Mythology has it that our forefathers guard our kingdom & fortress; and this is what we also believe.

We don’t argue and blame.

We don’t try to prove things.

We are one with our mission & Our Heart Sings to The World…etc etc

At this point you need to add Dance, Color, Music, Good Vibes: Bring out the Israeli Dance Troup, Cook passers-by a meal, put on a play or Anything Israeli EXCEPT Soldiers.