Tahal Kumawu Project in Ghana takes off

The large-scale commercial project which is underway will bring water relief to 26 settlements and communities in the area. Tahal’s waste water treatment, refinement and sanitation projects have been fundamental in creating the backbone of water supply to communities and regions around the world.

About Tahal:

Company profile

 Innovations in Technology, Design and Construction

The activities of TAHAL Group International B.V. are characterized by an integrative approach to engineering and environmental issues, and an openness to new technologies. The Group develops and applies mathematical models for water resources and infrastructural development, tapping its vast potential in the sphere of engineering software.

Orientation to Client Needs

TAHAL operates against the backdrop of modern marketing concepts with a view to meeting the client’s specific needs. The Group’s divisions and departments provide professional services ensuring maximum compatibility with the client’s demands. In line with this approach, TAHAL is offering attractive turnkey and BOT projects, providing ready-to-use products as well as customized financial packages.

Commitment to Quality and ExcellenceTAHAL offers its clients a professional base consisting of seasoned specialists having broad experience in their individual disciplines, and dynamic young engineers endowed with highly creative talents. Both are abreast of cutting-edge technologies and are guided by the need to ensure full client satisfaction by providing professional solutions to complex problems.

TAHAL is committed to quality and excellence. This, together with its innovative planning and management concepts and its concern for appropriate solutions, has assigned it pride of place among international firms.

About Kardan:

Kardan, with headquarters in Amsterdam focuses on three main fields of activities: Real Estate,
Financial Services and (Water) Infrastructure. The company operates in seven segments primarily
in emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe and China, where it conducts most of its
Kardan holds controlling interests in its divisions and is actively involved in the definition and
implementation of their strategy. Kardan has a consistent track record of creating long-term
shareholder value through active management of investments in the group companies and by
leveraging on its business experience, financial resources and local and international network.
Kardan is listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam and the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.
Total assets as of December 31, 2009 amounted to EUR 5.6 billion (December 31, 2008 EUR 5.2
billion) with revenues of EUR 753 million in 2009 (2008: EUR 492 million).
For further information please contact:
Jan Slootweg
Management Board member Kardan NV
Office +31 (0)20 305 0010
This press release contains regulated information (gereglementeerde informatie) as defined in the Dutch Act
on Financial Supervision (Wet op het financieel toezicht)”


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