President’s Conference 2011 – New Media for A New Tomorrow

Arriving at the President’s Conference together with Governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer was impressive and symbolized for me the start of a very good conference.

The conference had a cool ambiance throughout and was thoroughly well organized, in the President’s stately fashion. As blogger, I was given priority and treated with great respect. The obvious conclusion regarding this matter was clearly stated by Nathan Sharansky, Chairman of the executive Jewish Agency for Israel, a couple of hours later: “Bloggers will reach millions, and have encounters with other [Jewish] people”.

In the first Plenary session, I tried to ascertain who the young crowd around me was. Other than dignitaries in the VIP section and alot of business men, I was interested in the young women actually (for those of you who don’t know I have a Women’s Business Group called PROWomen Meet and am active in this regard). I very quickly met with a young lady who was about to be conscripted who was interested in writing, and who tagged along with me for the sessions I attended throughout the day:

9:30 New Media for A New Tomorrow – Moderated by Yossi Vardi: Leo Apoteker, CEO of HP; William E. McCracken, CEO of CA; Rene Obermann, CEO Deutsche Telekom; Ivan Seidenberg, CEO Verizon.

10:30 Interview for bloggers with Nathan Sharansky at the Bloggers Lounge

11:25 Interview for bloggers with Shimon Peres at the Bloggers Lounge

13:45 Master Class with Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Network Security as a key enabler for a growing economy, Rene Obermann – CEO Deutsche Telekom

Network security is a growing security challenge when cyber criminals are no longer pranksters, but a real growing security challenge.

The main concern when the potential for machine-to-machine communications is growing is that digital opportunities could turn into unmanageable risk.

Increasing connectivity and the rapid growth of critical applications is a cause for increased exposure.

The possibility of cyber attacks taking the form of broad industry and goverment attacks on Electric utilities, water and transportation, air-control, are Real Threats and the stakes are high.

A super dramatic event like Fukachima is to Japan what a cyber attack is to the nuclear industry or the computer industry.

We need to rethink the design of cyber-security, deeper integration of security needs to  be inherent in the design of products, right up front, built in from the beginning at the creation of the components which are key enablers for services of data.

We need to accept cyber security as a pre-condition for succeeding better in life and work; while we have to increase public/private collaboration, and do something about education and public awareness.

Cyber security is for the public good so the business model needs to be trustworthy and promote confidence.

4G global standard, a common platform, Ivan Seidenberg, CEO Verizon

Verizon has made its priority to provide 100 m bits to every workstation and personal computer, and to deploy capital for fiber optics cables to provide services to the population.

4G, a common platform for operating systems and devices is becoming the global standard enabling scaling of deployment services globally, more efficiently.

Machine-to-machine communication is making it imperative to create a Private versus a Public Internet; this should be done to ensure continued use of the Internet.

Interview for bloggers with Nathan Sharansky at the Bloggers Lounge

The initiative of the Jewish Agency to cultivate the Jewish Identity is a ‘Tikun Ha’am’ or a Tikun Olam? According to Sharansky, you can’t expect continued Aliyah if you don’t strengthen Jewish Identity. The Birthright program is intentionally enabling youth to connect with the Israel experience hands-on.

Increasing numbers of young Jews will make short trips to Israel, have a meaningful experience and guarantee their connection with their Jewishness.

“We want to bring down the ‘Chinese Wall’ of Aliyah, so to speak.” He says.


Sharansky’s views on Freedom of Speech:

Sharansky: How dangerous is it to speak your mind freely? A united idea exists that people don’t want to live in fear. There are some Big questions for Jews (as yet we are looking for solutions).

Sharansky: Speaking in the Soviet Union was dangerous – unlike you bloggers who will reach millions who encounter Jewish people (bloggers reach could be broader than politicians reach as their readership is varied).

Sharansky: It is great to be free and connect. I did not have the privilege of feeling this after being deprived. Us people, we have something to defend.

Interview for bloggers with Shimon Peres at the Bloggers Lounge

Israel Maimon, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the conference organizers: “We are hosting a press conference with leading bloggers from Israel and the world.”

Shimon Peres, President of Israel: “Who is the first blogger to ask a good question?”

Question: Regarding Advocacy for College Campus Pro Zionists, what is your opinion?

Peres: Judaism is a journey in the moral avenue – we are paying the highest price and becoming the enemy of all the dictators

Who saw Jews as dangers because we represent freedom, saying all Humans are born in the image of the Lord.

We love peace.

Judaism is a civilization, not an organization. If we had achieved what we came to do we wouldn’t have a task to achieve.

Our job is not yet accomplished. The highest degree of wisdom is the moral core.

Democracy in the past was free-expression, in today’s generation it is
self-expression. The 11th Commandment should be – respect your little boy or girl.

Question: Is Israel prepared for this fight regarding security?

We are a small and threatened country. We are living in a changing world. Israel is the most popular country in the world:

  • 1.5 billion Catholics are now friendly with us
  • China has friendly relations as they have no prejudices toward the Jews
  • India has excellent relations with us
  • 60% Support in the US amounting to 300 million supporters
  • We have friendly relations with France/Italy/Germany – these are our audiences

If we want to argue our point it’s our right to do so. There are Arab Leagues to support Arabs.

Question: How do you see the future and what are your interests?

Peres: The present is fiction not the future. The size of the scientific community. The sheer quantity will become quality. Computers have become strong in effectiveness and price…it’s a different world.

Until now the human brain ignored some things like how the brain functions; we remain in great darkness inside ourselves. Behavior would be different if we had a mirror of inner involvement of feelings and thoughts, reflections of internal development. People weren’t born to be vicious – given a choice they do the right thing. Psychology/Economy -> distinctions no longer exist. Education is a service. To educate is to produce. Health and living more meaningfully means Human Spare parts are no longer a thing of the future – discoveries of the future are still to be made.

Question: The 3rd Sector – NGO’s ability to get what they need, will that improve in the near future?

Peres: Regarding the concept of being equal versus being different.
Don’t trust the right to be equal, respect the right to be different. Escaping from poverty is a personal right, we can’t give them or help them with money for that. People have the right to help themselves – you should not try to suggest that money is the answer. The giving of many produces corruption as it goes to rich governments instead of the poor people. Enabling them is not pretending we can do for them.

There is no Technology without decivilization.

Question: What is your view about the strike of the Cottage Cheese?

Peres discusses the Issue of the Cottage Cheese off subject. It was brought to our attention that not one word was said about the Doctor’s Shortage Report (Hebrew) during the Conference.

 Dr Ruth Westheimer Recent trends from Social Media to “Friends with Benefits”

 Dr Ruth recently wrote a book about the dangers of the Internet and the importance of parents to be aware of what the kids could be getting up to.

Someone coined the phrase: “To be an askable parent.” This means your kids can ask you questions.

She stresses the education in parenting kids about sexuality, re subjects like dress-code, and the parent obligation to say: “You can’t go out like that.”

I had the honor of hearing Dr Ruth and with much respect see her as an Educator in the true meaning of the word.


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