Tweetdeck Techniques for ‘Following’

Hello! This is a short article about the best techniques on Tweetdeck for ‘following’.

Firstly you can follow anyone, a list, or a hashtag on Tweetdeck.

If you didn’t know this: Click on a hashtag you want to follow and the stream appears on the furtherest right.

Tweetdeck saves all the hashtags you followed so you can return and use them for the events the following year, or when it takes your fancy.

Why is this good?

Following a hashtag means you can be involved in events while being at your computer/ipad, and more.

It gives you the freedom to participate and take part.

Sometimes visuals are streamed online and you can take part by watching the video stream and the twitter stream on Tweetdeck which makes for a more intense experience.

How do I use Tweetdeck?

As a tool, i find Tweetdeck, sturdy and reliable and it lets me be on top from where ever I am enabling me to take charge of more responsibilities while still remaining present.

Finally, i want to tell you that participation is not compulsory. Although most conferences even have twitter streams running inside the main lecture hall, if you have wi-fi feel free to join, otherwise you can just ‘listen-in’ to what people are saying.

Have fun with it, it’s not a chore. We can always use more tools to make our experience fuller and this is definetly a strong feature on #Tweetdeck.


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