MoMoTLV celebrating 3rd anniversary with BlackBerry!

Last night, the evening before the Israel Mobile Summit (#ims2011), a really great event was organized by the MoMoTLV people, featuring BlackBerry. Amongst the organizers were Jasmine Aharon & Lior Yekoutieli whom I know from past events.

I came with one question in mind, “What is the Blackberry Tablet?” & all I wanted to know was, does it have Outlook on it? What I came back with was a whole knew world and especially some understanding about BlackBerry App World (unfortunately already aging clip is featured on YouTube).

It looks like the Developers world on BlackBerry is as complex as the rest of the mobile development world. However, for the user who has time to get into all those BBM features and use everything, it could be real fun!

News Glossary:

QNX – RIM’s big plan for its PlayBook depends on Android compatibility, but it’s unclear whether the company can be nimble enough to keep up with new builds.

VM – Right now the BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605 is much more frequently searched on Google than the Virtual Machine for BlackBerry Tablet.

BBM – The BlackBerry Messenger is by far the most feature laden messenger I’ve seen. Right now I would be interested in getting a VM running on my Nokia E72 so I can contact some BlackBerry friends using BBM.

I want to thank Jamie Julius, Chief Software Architect at ‘Nobex‘ for his insight and explanation about BlackBerry. I want to thank Sakari Sipola, Researcher of entrepreneurship and the art of business building, who came to Israel during the HTIA Annual Conference week to learn about Israel’s Startups.

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