In-house or Independent? Analyzed through the eyes of ‘Survivor’ (IL)

This week, two episodes of Survivor reminded me of a mix between ‘A Woman Scorned’ and ‘Life as an Independent Contractor’.

The story-line related the drama behind the Alpha male’s tactic to take the pretty lady (temporary) to the Island while leaving his woman (permanent)  in servitude, behind for the night. The consequences were seen immediately on his return: he was to rid himself of the pretty one or stand to lose the pact with his team members. What could he do?

The significance of the Alpha male in opposing roles, is not outweighed by the Professional’s need to reach the million. In both roles, men will be men and will continue to reap the benefits of both worlds: The temporary (temporal) world of ‘moonlighting’ with a number of clients, and the permanent (spiritual) affiliation with a Boss or other figure-head who gives orders in exchange for pay.

In an impossible drama of wills, the Alpha male eventually leads his team members to oust the ‘Old Man’ and in return wins another opportunity with both women, who are cheering on the side-lines for his attentions.

Amen! God Bless Him!!

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