eMarcom Conference 2011

The e-Marcom Conference at the Megamot College in Azorim, Kiryat Ariye took place on 19 May, 2011.

Much of the event was ‘packaged’ to produce hype for the www.marcom-mall.co.il site. Shlomit Hertz, CEO of Marcom-Mall gave a short introductory speech which reminded me of my early days as a Marcom: When everyone thought I was the Secretary, but I was doing alot lot more.

The production began on time, but like so many other Conferences I attend, very soon we were running off-course; that and some changes actually made me miss the talk I came for. Pity!

The event was great, the people were great and here are some of the pearls that I reaped:

Lior Manor a world class magician and Infotainer gave alot of timely relief and relevant content throughout the day. His site may be found at http://www.liormanor.com/. I’ve known Manor for quite some time now, and he always delivers outstanding quality stuff.

Sharon Israel, CEO of Xtra-Mile, presented some of the milestones of Marcom Budgeting. She gave hands-on information about her experience on personal branding and marketing and some of the milestones to Marcom success, including how to measure the number of leads & meetings necessary to reach a sale. One of the case-studies given was the Survival School of Chanoch Budin, Israel ex-Survivor show finalist – which really impressed me, however when I did a search for Chanoch’s company it was hard to find.

Kobi Magnezi, Channel Manager, Matrix –  spoke about Mobile Presence and the Conversion Rate using, Choice, Consistency & Continuity. I was very much taken by Kobi’s talk and liked the new concepts I learned, re “Placeshifting” (zappaware), “MySkyStatus”, “Calldinator”, Doctor’s App, Chase App and other concepts which were wildly new and insighful. The idea of the mobile wallet and the destination of development in the financial field was especially important and his finale statement was: “Not all one-night-stands are for long term relationships – one needs a platform for long-term, and security over time.”

Gila Gideon is a recruitment specialist whom I met on LinkedIn, today she is CEO of Effectiva (no English site). Since I myself have been on LinkedIn since it’s inception it was a nice surprise to finally meet her, and since I have used the LinkedIn platform for advertisments for my business and my client’s businesses I was very happy to hear her talk about LinkedIn as a Tool for Interaction. I was just surprised her Facebook page didn’t come up on Google when I searched it.

Kate Shopper, from Social Media Manager, ECI went into the details of Increasing Engagement via Personalization; by this stage we all understood we need a landing page, this is her’s: http://www.kateshopper.com/

Oren Bason, CEO, All Media gave a historic drill-down of Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 stopping mainly on the Journalist’s position in today’s age and lingering on “Makam’s” platform for ‘Who is Saying What About You’?…Blog, Tweet etc

Unfortunetly, I didn’t get to see Ron Pick from Clickwise. Hope to bump into him next time without having to pay for a conference 🙁

All in All a good show. I want to thank everyone for putting it together. Next time please include lunch and some more breaks…

A note for speakers in general – I noticed in my searches that many of these speakers don’t appear to have done any SEO on their name. This appears unprofessional, but i guess it may be that it’s because they thought nobody would look for them in English?


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