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Admittedly I arrived at Microsoft Think Next 2011 sick. However, I wasn’t a grouch until after…

Setup was outdoors, it was raining and they opened late. The food did not have any proteins in it.

After 30 minutes a person of height 1.54m had nothing to see as it was overcrowded.

The games on show had some special features on them, but the whole event couldn’t possibly be about Games, can it?

After doing a round in the exhibition, I parked off upstairs to check things out from on top. I overheard conversations about technologies and was happy to get a whiff of it from up there.

Eventually I went down to see who had arrived, but found I was on a soloist mission for coffee. There was none.

Eventually x2, I joined everyone at the event opening, seating myself near the back.The opening speech keynotes were about technologies I’d witnessed in 2010: The idea of the cloud, repeated (as I saw it at the Amazon event). Microsoft seems to have a solution for everything already done nowadays (what’s the added value?). Did you know Microsoft has their own version of Google Earth? I’d never quite been so cynical about Microsoft before (but am deciding to quit while the going is good). Yes, they are buying up startups. Yes, they showcase what’s going on. From my last entry I think the most amazing thing that Microsoft has purchased lately is an Israeli technology designed by PrimeSense which is the Kinect Obox.

I want to give these guys some credit – they are Microsoft after all – the problem is not the credit they deserve but the unbearable lightness of being which promotes, what? Technologies that reduce IT personnel & promise you a quick return on the ROI? I’m not sure I saw any ecological value, or promotion of desirable skills here.

Some of the Technologies I tested, which were not Microsoft did not work. That didn’t give me much hope that if they were Microsoft they would – simply from past experience.

One company which seemed to stand out because of its hardware nature is .Net Gadgeteer (Microsoft). Gadgeteer is a rapid prototyping platform for small electronic gadgets. It’s a quick and easy board design unit enabling programming, assembly of electronics and quick physical enclosure fabrication using computer-aided design. Again this type of technology takes the profession of board-design to the limit as you don’t need someone external designing for you, you can do it in-house.

Microsoft Women Think Next 2011 is happening tomorrow. Hope I’m in a better mood, but I’m sure there’ll be much more added value. That’s for sure.

Keep tuned.

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  1. Not to mention, no alcohol!

    Anyway, another interesting upcoming product is Physical Virtue ( which diagnose neck problems in a very innovative way. They let you play! Seriously, you put on a glasses which put you in a game. In this game, you’re a pilot, navigating by moving your head to different directions. Very cool.

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