Overview of New-Tech Exhibition 2011


I signed up to the New-Tech Exhibition 2011  in order to interest new clients in my Technical Marketing Communication services. It took me about a week to realize that “The Israeli Start-up Conference” was one track in the Exhibition, which was essentially an electronic component exhibition. The other tracks included: Opto-tech, Components, Running show, Purchasing & Supply Chain Managers New-Tech Forum, Meditech, RF & Microwave Conference.

At the exhibition entrance I was instructed that I could win a car raffle. Good start.

Entrance was FREE!

The place was spotless and very well run.

The Israeli Start-up Conference

A mature adult audience of approximately 65% Startup founders, a couple of soldiers and 2 women at any given time, was the main populace at the Conference; definitely no Geeks at this event.

Starting time was 30 minutes late; and in true Israeli time everyone came late so there was a long line when the gates opened at 9:30am. The people who arrived at 11:00…well, that’s their problem but there was only standing room left in the speaking rooms.

Professor Daniel Weiss the Head Science Officer opened the Start Up event.

Michael Oren, IBM, Manager of GTU unit spoke about Cooperation with Innovators from the perspective of the Corporation – Mr. Oren spoke about IBM, their scale of business worldwide & in their perspective R&D campuses. He spoke about how business units work; finding the right business unit for you, competition with innovators might be the aim of one unit but not of another.

If you heard the GTU pitch in the past this was a slightly more global view-point, but the message is clear IBM is looking to fill in the ‘white-spaces’, as he put it. I think he likened working with IBM to the runner in the desert, who has no water, is tired and drained & then reaches an oasis. Have you experienced this?

Dr Barak Herschkovitz, CTO & VP of Solutions at Better Place, spoke about Moving to an Electric Motor Vehicle: From Dream to Realization. Creative, Innovative, Smart and many other descriptive references come to mind about the technology behind the company. Dr Herschkovitz reiterated the idea that there could be costs involved in the production of battery powered cars. However, switching a car battery would be no more time-consuming than taking a toilet break as you would have to do that anyway….Ultimately I think the battery would need to be recharged in longer than it takes me to take a leak. Yes, and that is getting into the ‘nitty gritty’, so to speak.

Dr Dalia Megido from 7Health Venture spoke about The Medical Startup: The Right Application, The Right Financial Strategy. This was a tough love session. Some of the topics Dr Megido spoke about include: What is a “large unmet medical need”? Critical points to consider regarding post marketing research requirements. Going the ‘easy’ route. Quality Measurements. Oligopoly. Thinking about from Startup to Sale & the Chances of the First Time Entrepreneur.

A lot of things Dr Megido said are good for non-medical Start-ups but nobody ever says it.

Ms. Gali Ross, CEO of Razoss spoke about Startups: The Egg, The Chicken & the Coop. In complete opposition to Dr Megido, Gali gave the crowd hope. She says, Startup Entrepreneurs should be a little proud, it doesn’t really matter what comes first, the team, the finance, the idea. In contrast to Dr. Megido she proposed that it doesn’t really matter how you shoot your goal. Some entrepreneurs have been known to use the Investment they got planning how to implement their idea, and then had to restart the process after 6 months by getting more investment, in a second Startup attempt (like herself, a second time entrepreneur).

Mr Yossi Cohen, CEO and Founder of Panaya, spoke about Is it necessary to move Management of Startups Overseas? Mr Cohen spoke about Market Proximity or Internal Communications and how his company has used external recruitment in an evolutionary manner to lower startup costs. The traveling salesperson model addresses a smaller market, is expensive and the needs of the company is better met using indirect sales (via videoconference, phone, skype etc) according to him.

Mr Adi Berenson, VP Marketing, at PrimeSense, spoke about Natural Interaction: Motivation for Radical Futurism. Mr Berenson spoke about realizing fantasies using technology such as Kinect Obox which is part of an Online epidemic transforming content in the living room.


All in all a good show for the Conference All Round, entertaining and educational, while at the same time promoting possibilities for new comers in the Startup arena. I want to thank Samtech for the lunchtime beers! Cheers!

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