Survivor 5: How to Survive being a Writer

Survivor 5: How to Survive being a Writer – a featured article Using the Survivor Strategy

Yesterday began the fifth season of Israel’s Survivor reality series. I took the liberty of reaching some conclusions formulated to compare ‘A Writers Career’:

  1. You’re in Paradise when -> Everything you need and more is available on the Island.
  2. Forget competition when the going is good -> When it’s cold out – switch professions or sing.
  3. Management Skills -> Put your best foot forward by proposing to do the things you know.
  4. Nationality matters -> Where you comes from plays a role. American, British, French, Spanish etc…you gotta know how to cross your ‘T’s’ in the appropriate language.
  5. Gotta be Crazy -> If you don’t have a group to verify things with, it can be as lonely as arrival on a desert Island.
  6. Height/Weight/Strength matters -> Always take a sample with you to an interview. Looks alone shouldn’t drive peoples choices.
  7. Team Work -> Work for an incentive, but don’t expect a prize. If you don’t come up with the goods the winning team will get everything.
  8. Picking up Tree Stumps? -> Let’s stick to PDF 


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