My take on SphinnCon 2011 -> SEO or Linking, Is that the Same?

My day began with the usual parking scuffle, but eventually I got my first cup of coffee 5 min. to nine. Inbal Hotel was all decked out for the appreciative ‘late’ comers and the likes.

Although most complained they couldn’t get a handle on Wi-Fi, I think since I was connected I probably was the only user Tweeting as the show began.

The line-up was packed, and I started my day with ‘Paid Search Tip’: Clue -> I came unprepared.
The most relevant data I got regarding Paid Search Tips was the location based searches integrated into the campaigns as of quite recently, according to the panel.
Truth be told, as a first-timer here I really needed some basic terms, and certainly felt empowered by at least one speaker on this panel. Dan Perach, ascertains that the Mobile click-to-call feature will be a block-buster once appended to keywords. I ran home to see if my Adword campaigns can do that… Does anybody know?

Another no-brainer which was way past the speakers ability to answer is why Murphy’s Law keeps working in such a way as to create higher CPC’s  for 2nd & 3rd ranks, rather than 1st rank Ads; a feature/a bug, or some cranked up Google method. Either way some people couldn’t explain it.

In Session 2 – ‘Online Reputation Management’: I had the honor of being addressed by, the ONLY Women speaker in the first 2 Sessions, Shira Abel, Director of Marketing, Aniboom, who addressed the subject of continued interaction with your audience -> even if they don’t particularly like you. LIKE!

Lunch was served (and a good lunch at that & Kosher); and I had the honor of sitting next to Paula Stern from WritePoint, who will be holding her own event shortly called, Megacomm. Paula’s experience and knowhow in the field is demonstrated by the fact that she has over 25 sites which she continually updates and manages for companies. In addition, I made some business collaborations and handed out some cards, made phone-calls, and got updated about some of my own running projects.

After lunch, I tried both sessions as having arrived late to ‘Analytics & Competitive Analysis’ I felt I had missed out on the beginning which would have given me a reference point to the subject matter, so I moved to ‘The Link Builders’ : Some important buzz words were learned here – Guest Posts, Relationship Building, FAQ’s, Providing regular Feedback, Measuring Contact Volume, and more. Also, Branko Rihtman (@neyne) from Whiteweb spoke about how to maybe get kicked off Google for doing explicitly ‘illegal’ activities…ah! Zzzzzz I say never put anything into the implementation stage before testing it on someone else 🙂

I made it out just before the Break, got a cup of tea and went home…
All-in-All a pretty good show!

Mor Getz ~ Business Venture Publications; Technical/Marketing Writer, Chairperson of PROWomen Meet;
Grinberg Method Practitioner specializing in manual Sports Rehabilitation treatments working with Sports Teams.

8 thoughts on “My take on SphinnCon 2011 -> SEO or Linking, Is that the Same?

  1. yonatanross – I've been a process server, farmer (crops and irrigation mainly), truck driver, youth worker, programmer, GIS Implemetation and Support Engineer, Soldier, QA Engineer/ Consultant/ Manager and Project Manager. I'm an Agile Practicioner and Scrum Master. Now I'm working on several start-up ideas and a novel whilst maintaining my quest for the ultimate double espresso.
    Jonathan Ross says:

    Well written and making me regret even more that I couldn’t be at Sphinncon this year.

    Keep up the great work, Jonathan

  2. Thanks for the mention Mor.

    The feature is called “Call Metrics”, and it will be rolling out soon to all advertisers, but only at the campaign level for now.

    Other networks offer this already, with better features in fact, recording for you the calls, and tracking calls for relevant keywords in the call… then only charging you for the relevant calls tracked!

  3. Explicitly ‘illegal’ activities – such as those of JCPenny wherein it has topped the Google ranking due to the use of black hat techniques.
    This is all I can share for the new Google tech;
    If you have an AdWords campaign set up to reach searchers using Google’s mobile search, you’ve got a new feature to enhance your efforts. Google is enabling click-to-call phone numbers in the ads that appear on mobile web browsers.
    Smartphones allow users to click on phone numbers and a call is automatically generated. If a smartphone user is searching for a local pizza place on their mobile device, then they can now simply click on the phone number and order up their favorite pie.
    Google’s mobile click-to-call ads are generated based on location. So if your company is a chain, an ad will be served up with the closest location to a user – and will contain the appropriate phone number.
    In order to add click-to-call in mobile AdWords ads, simply set up location extensions and add your business phone number. Then make sure your campaign is set up to appear on mobile devices with full Internet browsers.

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